Appraisals and Consultations


Are you ready?

Receiving feedback is a big step for any writer. We will be kind, but honest. When we submit our own work that is what we expect and we have assumed the same of you. We will help you identify the good parts of your story and we will show you where you can improve.

A manuscript appraisal, or assessment, is also called a critique, but we prefer the word appraisal. Critique is a scary word. It is a paid-for service. You submit your manuscript to a qualified individual for an opinion. An appraiser will highlight the strengths and provide suggestions for weaker areas.

A good appraisal can shed new light on problem areas. It highlights inconsistencies or holes in the plot. It helps identify unnecessary, or even unbelievable, characters. It can point out important descriptions and setting details versus padding. You get the idea.


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Testimonials for appraisals

Short Stories

I sent you a short story of mine called “The Dress” for a manuscript appraisal some time ago. I was very happy with the outcome and I rewrote my story based on your advice. I thought that I would let you know that it has recently been accepted for publication by a UK website! Monica Kagan 


Mia’s honest appraisal of my short story, ‘A White Lie’ was great. The suggestions she made on how to improve it were valid and very clearly laid out. They are definitely suggestions I will be working on.

Elaine Dodge


The appraisal was thoughtful and thorough and has given me advice I can refer back to in future.

Chrisna Ribeiro


I’ve always had people telling me I write well. But Mia’s advice gave me what I had been pining for – an honest appraisal with practical tips on how to use dialogue, body language, setting and unique descriptions to improve my writing.



The appraisal was competent, and thorough. It really helped me to see where I can improve my writing and inspired me to try harder. I can recommend this service to anyone that wants an honest, yet sensitive appraisal without the fear that they will be ridiculed or short changed.

Victor Ribeiro


Your appraisal offered more than I expected, was honest, positive and professional and has motivated me to spend more time writing and more importantly editing and polishing.

Zane Baisley

Kids’ books

Mia has been beta reader/ mentor/ all-around awesome and kind human being – she was the first person to review the very first draft of #HowManyHellos and played a critical role.

Refiloe Moahloli


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate this feedback, it is invaluable.

Ntombenhle Khathwane