One Last Time by Martin Haworth

Prompt: That Will Not Be Necessary | Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Thriller

“That will not be necessary.”

I look up, and raise my eyebrows a little, proffering the card once more. This time I wiggle it a bit. He remains stony-faced.

“OK then, thank you,” I retreat.

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Shall I Make the Call? by Patty Mower Panni

Prompt: That Will Not Be Necessary | Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Crime Fiction

I have a secret. It’s a pretty big one, as secrets go, one that will change the lives of a lot of people when I share it. I’ve come to think of this secret as my little insurance policy, held in reserve for just the right moment…which is tonight. Continue reading

The Spithag by Kim Kneen

Prompt: That Will Not Be Necessary | Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Fiction

Dogan was a spithag of a man, small and wiry. Took after his Da like that; generations of diminutive men with just enough guts to brave the chopsy lumps they made their wives. Not Dogan though. His Mam used to say he was delicate. His Da said too soft. Continue reading

Some Kind of Coincidence by Tanner Brooks

Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word Count: 1200 words | Genre: Surreal, Suspense

Warning: Profanity and Violence

I heard it for the first time right where I could’ve expected to hear it.

“That will not be necessary,” she said, forcing a smile across her lips.

I put my phone away and smiled back.

“I had to try,” I said. Continue reading

Just trying to be helpful by S Emberson

Prompt: That will not be necessary   Word Count: 1189   Genre: Fiction

Again, there was the small boy running to keep up with his father who was striding purposefully down the woodland path, seemingly oblivious to the child hurrying a few paces behind.  Each morning on my way to work as I passed them on the well used cut through that linked one housing estate to another, it saddened me to see the lack of connection between the two, the child having to almost run whilst being ignored by the man.  I’ve made a presumption that it is father and son, child being taken to school.  I’ve also made the presumption that there is no love from the father and the boy has no choice but to follow silently, to keep up with the neglectful adult who probably wouldn’t even notice if his son was no longer following. Continue reading

The Good News Stranger by Linzé Brandon

Prompt: That will not be necessary  |  Word count: 1196  |  Genre: Historical

The first phase of my new plan will come into being tonight. With the announcement, everyone will know that there is a new way. The sign that was foretold will be the first in the fulfilment of the promise I made to my people in the beginning.” Continue reading

No Leftovers by Timothy Henderson

Prompt: Leftovers | Word Count: 500 words exactly | Genre: Drama

The wipers beat furiously against the unrelenting rain. It was so dark and misty that the centre line was barely visible as it led the way down the road that twisted its way before him. Continue reading

Leftover Overwrite by Stacey

Prompt: Leftovers | Word Count: 500 exactly | Genre: Sci-Fi Action/Drama |

(This is a continuation of Prompt #9- Delete, titled “A Trace Left Behind”).

Arch led her down a hallway and unlocked a door, ushering her into a comfortable room.  “How do you feel?”

“Sore. Headachy. Drowsy.” Kerstin shook her head.  Images were half forming in her mind, lingering for a moment and then fading when she tried to bring them into focus.  “I have all these things that feel like memories swimming just below the surface, but I can’t remember anything completely.  She sat down on the bed. Continue reading

The Wedding Gift by Kirsten Use’

Prompt: Leftovers | Word count: 500 | Genre:

“To the bride and groom.” The best man raised his champagne glass as he completed the toast to his brother and new sister-in-law.

Tracy smiled wryly then moved from the back of the reception hall as the wedding guests erupted in conversation once again. Walking past the buffet tables, she glimpsed at the abundance of food remaining. She scanned the room to verify most of the guests had finished their meals. Trying to blend into the background, she shuffled sideways behind the bridesmaids’ seats then crouched between the bride and groom. “Would you like us to announce a last call for the buffet?” Continue reading

With a Whimper by Ash.MK

Prompt: Leftovers | Word Count: 500 words | Genre: Sci-Fi, drama

I wonder what it must have been like back then. They say it was very different. They say life was much more difficult back then and that we’re lucky to be born in the present, that we should be grateful for the wonderful opportunities that we’ve been given. For the sacrifices our ancestors made. And maybe they are right. Who am I to doubt their words? Our ‘world’ is safe and stable, and I have never known anything other than this. But when our orbit aligns, and I can see that planet through the space panes, I can’t help wonder what life might have been like. Continue reading