The Dark Forest by Joyce Finny

Prompt: A Celebration  |  Genre: Magical realism/metaphor  |  Word count: 2500 words

I wake up with a splitting headache throbbing in time with the aches all over my body. I am trying to get up but my arms are shivering with pain and exhaustion. After a while I give up and slump back down on the forest floor.

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The Prescription by Aisling Doonan

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2,499 | Genre: Family/Humour

“Take a seat.”

The Doctor sat back in his executive chair and smoothed his pink polka dot tie down over his paunch.

“How can I help you today?”

He smiled encouragingly at the man sitting in front of him, all the while weighing up the pros and cons of having a panini or a pasta salad for his lunch in exactly 15 minutes. Continue reading

Say Goodbye by Raschael Ash

Prompt: Celebration | Word Count: 2276 words | Genre: Fiction – Thriller

She lay on top of the hotel bed, staring up at the smooth, ivory ceiling. She closed her eyes, letting herself sink into the soft white duvet. The hotel room was much nicer than her own room but she missed the comfort that home brought.  Hannah lay silently, waiting for the emptiness that seemed to fill her soul at the moment to envelope her completely and hopefully take her away. Continue reading

A Reason to Celebrate by Rachel Carter

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2,500 words | Genre: Stream of Consciousness

I’m old enough now that I shouldn’t hang my head over drooped shoulders when I go to buy a pregnancy test. Friends are starting families intentionally. We have baby showers with actual gifts, not just an item that an early twenty-something broke from college can afford. I’m the godmother and honorary aunt to a handful of toddlers and one preteen. Though it seems like an honest mistake to put me in charge of the spiritual upbringing of anything. Dogs are already spiritually centered. They don’t need my help in that area of life.
A house. A steady boyfriend. A job that entails more than flipping burgers or ringing items through at checkout, and pays more too. Health insurance. I eat a balanced diet and try to exercise regularly. My boyfriend and I would be prepared, should it come to it. We already successfully raised a pair of dogs. There’s no reason at all for shame. And yet… Continue reading

My Destiny by Patty Panni

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2,500 | Genre: Contemporary Fiction [Dark]

From the outside looking in, I can see how you probably wouldn’t view today as a time for celebration. But, if you knew the back story you just might change your mind. I’d like to tell you my story, the whole story. All I ask is that you hear me out and reserve judgment until the end. Then you can decide if ‘celebration’ just might be the perfect word, after all.

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Dark and Dangerous by David Macfie

Prompt: The Celebration | Word count: 2500| Genre: Nature Fiction

Gareth and Cathleen, his wife of six months, had entered the Kruger Park early in the morning and explored extensively, seeing plenty of antelope, zebras, wild pigs and two groups of rhinos. Late in the afternoon, they found a large waterhole and decided to watch it from the top of quite a high sand dune nearby. Before long, game started to arrive to join the crocs and hippos that were already in residence. First seven giraffes, two pairs and their offspring, awkwardly strode to the edge, splayed their front legs and lowered their heads to the water. Next to arrive were two immature buffalo bulls that waded into the shallows and rolled in the mud. Continue reading

A Celebration Gone Awry! by JHWallace

Prompt: Celebration I Word Count: 2500 I Genre: Action, Thriller, General Fiction

Warning: Violence, Might not be suitable for younger readers

Was it my empty alcohol-tainted stomach combined with the rhythmic rocking of the trolley car? On the other hand, it may have been the painted green, laughing, grinning faces belonging to the sweating revelers packed into this rolling box, like a can of stinking sardines that had me gagging—swallowing deep? Continue reading

Suz’s Closet by Miriam Calleja

Prompt: The Celebration | Word Count2500 words exactly | Genre: LGBTIQ

“I’m leaving you because you should be with a woman”, he said.

My chin dropped. Then it wobbled. This was the worst timing. With the opening of my new store coming up in a couple of months, my needing to find someone to run the store, the insane schedule designing and making clothes for the new collection, and the general madness surrounding the recent new-found popularity of my brand; in other words, I didn’t really have the time to get dumped. Continue reading

Lost in Shadow by Christine Bayly

Prompt: A celebration | Word count: 2500 exactly | Genre: Drama

Warning: Some accidental violence. Possibly not suited to sensitive or young readers.

Candice ground her cigarette out on the deck. She hoped it would leave a mark. She wanted to leave a sign. Something to show someone been there. She flicked the butt into the bush – there was no point in letting them know shed been there. That would only cause trouble. And any more trouble from her, and they’d revoke her right to visit Sophie, the bastards.
Turning to leave, she dragged her heel across the clean boards hard enough to leave a thick black line of rubber on the bleached wood. She smiled at it. Continue reading

Celebrations by Zita Fogarty

Prompt: A celebration | Word count: 2500 words | Genre: General Fiction 

The younger nephews and nieces hit balloons at each other, pale pink and powder blue. It’s 47C outside. The pool on the property is out of bounds today – it’s too far to walk in the heat. So everyone is staying in with the air con on, the thick curtains drawn.

I peep out the window between a slit in the cream coloured fabric. The Liquidamber trees look anorexic in the shimmering haze. It’s brother Gus’s birthday and the family has gathered to celebrate. Though there is a palpable weariness in the room – post-Christmas exhaustion, the weather. Polite conversation is going to be more difficult than usual Continue reading