The Fence by R.L. Nel

Prompt: Forbidden Places | Word Count: 1 834 words | Genre: Fiction

As is customary on visiting days, I show up at his door just before five. After several loud knocks, he finally cracks open the door. Upon seeing his unshaven face, I know immediately, but I still wait for him to say the words.

“Sorry, but I’m staying here, amiga.” Continue reading

Et Ad Ostium Aviacrest by Ellie Grace Hegarty

Prompt: Forbidden Places | Word count: 1800 exactly | Genre: Fantasy | Occurs after Pluma Quasi

Content Warnings: Mild injury mention

It was worrying that Vivien was nervous. Vivien was always the first person to start a plan, no matter how ridiculous. She had done more stupid things than Quentin and Adina put together. She gave Quentin a look that simply asked, “Why?” Quentin shrugged, though something about the shopping centre felt off.  He didn’t know whether it was because it was early in the day but there was a bad energy about place. Like there was something there that wasn’t sure whether they wanted you there or not. They had taken the bus to the shopping centre, meeting Lucianus there, he had drove to the centre. He waved to them from his car, parked and reappeared shortly after, a cigarette between his lips. Continue reading

Not curious enough by Susan O’Neal

Prompt: Forbidden Places | Word count: 1800 | Genre: General fiction/non-graphic horror

‘Everywhere else, but leave this room, please.’

The panelled door was closed. She could see the slim strip of carpet that showed beneath it had once been plain cream. Now it had a very grubby edge. This rule must have been in place for a while then … she had no problem with it, no skin off her nose. Continue reading