A false start by Florence Waeni

Prompt: A celebration | Word Count: 2501| Genre: Fiction

The fireworks display was to die for. I watched from the shack in the slum as I sipped on my sweet black tea and munched on a slice of bread. Happy screams rose and fell with each burst of lights. The world out there was so alive… The world out there was so ready… Continue reading

My Destiny by Patty Panni

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2,500 | Genre: Contemporary Fiction [Dark]

From the outside looking in, I can see how you probably wouldn’t view today as a time for celebration. But, if you knew the back story you just might change your mind. I’d like to tell you my story, the whole story. All I ask is that you hear me out and reserve judgment until the end. Then you can decide if ‘celebration’ just might be the perfect word, after all.

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A Flagellation Celebration by Susan Lovering

Prompt: A Celebration | Word count: 2543 | Genre: Literary Fiction

Grace wandered among ten tops draped in linen, carving figure eights around the white islands, as she searched for her assigned table number. Nineteen, twenty, twenty-one…the table numbers climbed in logical progression. Her ultimate destination, lucky table number twenty-three, appeared to be in the corner, and she was thankful it was far from the venue’s three open bars. “What was I thinking,” she mused, “agreeing to attend an ex’s wedding solo and only six months sober?” It only just occurred to her she might have waited until next week to start her recovery, or just skip this particular event altogether. Attending a wedding at all, let alone newly sober, may have been a bit ambitious for even the most well-adjusted drunk, which she was not, at least not yet. Self-flagellation knows no bounds, it seems. Continue reading

A Celebration Gone Awry! by JHWallace

Prompt: Celebration I Word Count: 2500 I Genre: Action, Thriller, General Fiction

Warning: Violence, Might not be suitable for younger readers

Was it my empty alcohol-tainted stomach combined with the rhythmic rocking of the trolley car? On the other hand, it may have been the painted green, laughing, grinning faces belonging to the sweating revelers packed into this rolling box, like a can of stinking sardines that had me gagging—swallowing deep? Continue reading

Grandma’s Birthday by Janice Saunders

Prompt: A celebration | Word Count: 2500 | Genre: Realistic

This is a tale about how a few people making mountains out of molehills lead to kicking a few cats before they all agreed to mend their fences and get along. A wise old lady, whom everyone affectionately called grandma, was turning 95 and the two siblings, Roger and Pamela, wanted to do something special to celebrate. The older brother and his younger sister were uncommonly close, and the story began with a friendly phone conversation to set a date for the party.  Each agreed to poll their grown sons, his three and her four, as to when they were off work and able to come celebrate grandma’s birthday. Well, the stars weren’t aligning very well around their erratic work schedules. You might say that trying to nail down seven unmindful young men whose main vocation outside work and school is video gaming was a bit like herding cats, and that was the point when the wheels came off the proverbial bus and it all started to go downhill.

Continue reading

Come Together by Kate Henderson – Please correct word count. Min 2450

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 Exactly | Genre: General Fiction/Drama

Warning: Sensitive content, infrequent profanity.

It was a peaceful night. Clear sky, a view straight to the unrestrained heavens. The rusted old bridge, that connected the two halves of the city, creaked and swayed slightly in a chill wind. A sudden gust nipped at her pale cheeks and sent flaming red hair dancing circles around her face. She shuddered one last time. Continue reading

The Tenacity of the Human Spirit by Ash.MK

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 words | Genre: Real-life, Dance

As the lights faded around her, Lillian stared straight ahead into the enveloping darkness. She became acutely aware of the sound of her own heartbeat which seemed to be beating far faster than normal. If it hadn’t been completely black around her she might have looked about to see if anyone else had noticed it, she felt sure she couldn’t be the only one who could hear the cacophony her heart was making. She had never been this nervous before. It was an unnatural feeling to her. It had always been so easy. But tonight, for the first time she could remember, she was scared to be here. Continue reading

Birthday Bullet by Jessica Petrunti

Prompt: Celebration | Word Count: 2500 words | Genre: Realistic Fiction, Crime

Warnings: Profanity and mature themes

The night belonged to her.

Countless hours he’d be trapped awake held hostage by her memory. Every night without fail when he settled in for bed she drifted over him like the evening blanketing the daylight. Sometimes Sam did his best to ignore her. And others he reveled in it, letting her crash over him in a wave. It was a sweet pain. One that left him exhausted the next day. Continue reading

The Baby shower by Donna Woodhouse

Prompt: A Celebration | Wordcount:  2504 | Genre: contemporary

Warning – profanity.

It’s not safe I say
I tell her twice.
It is not safe. I do not want to go.
I turn away and do not look at her. She knows what I mean. Knows how I feel. Continue reading

Eritque Arcus by Ellie Grace Hegarty

Prompt: The Celebration | Word count: 2500 exactly| Genre: Fantasy (Occurs *well* before “In Memoriam“)

Content Warnings: References to being followed and very mild imposed homophobia

A disappointing breakfast consisting of a bowl of soggy cereal and a lukewarm cup of tea met Quentin on the kitchen table, alongside Victoria Trask, his beloved mother. She had busied herself with her laptop, checking emails and replying to them, her fingers deftly tapping the keyboard. Continue reading