An Envelope, A Name, and A Place by Patricia Vicente

Prompt: A celebration | Word count: 2500 | Genre: Crime

It ended the same way it began, with an envelope, a name and a place.

The murmuring jazzy notes of Blue Train by John Coltrane filled the silence of Luc’s one-bedroom apartment. Diffused twilight painted his minimalistic home in a colourless grey. Continue reading

A Celebration Gone Awry! by JHWallace

Prompt: Celebration I Word Count: 2500 I Genre: Action, Thriller, General Fiction

Warning: Violence, Might not be suitable for younger readers

Was it my empty alcohol-tainted stomach combined with the rhythmic rocking of the trolley car? On the other hand, it may have been the painted green, laughing, grinning faces belonging to the sweating revelers packed into this rolling box, like a can of stinking sardines that had me gagging—swallowing deep? Continue reading

Blinding Love by Raashida Khan

Prompt: Celebration |  Word Count: 2450  | Genre: Women’s fiction

“A celebration of love and hope for the future!” The invitation card was brightly coloured and cheerful. Kareena held it between her shaking thumb and forefinger. She could not read beyond “You’re invited to the baby shower of …” All other logistical details were lost on her. Continue reading

One of those days by Jeff L Mauser

Prompt: A Celebration | Word count: 2500 words exactly | Genre: Drama

“Now, with great pleasure, I’m happy to announce, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Thackeray,” declares the DJ. Cindy looks spectacular. She is wearing an eggshell, A-line, Princess V-neck, court train, chiffon wedding dress. Her smile is radiant, as she steps into the room arm in arm with her now husband, Jerry.

Continue reading

Eritque Arcus by Ellie Grace Hegarty

Prompt: The Celebration | Word count: 2500 exactly| Genre: Fantasy (Occurs *well* before “In Memoriam“)

Content Warnings: References to being followed and very mild imposed homophobia

A disappointing breakfast consisting of a bowl of soggy cereal and a lukewarm cup of tea met Quentin on the kitchen table, alongside Victoria Trask, his beloved mother. She had busied herself with her laptop, checking emails and replying to them, her fingers deftly tapping the keyboard. Continue reading

Fire Damage by Anne Clawson

Prompt: Desperate Measures| Word count: 1000| Genre: Dystopian

I had never held a gun before. I had seen countless ones on television – in all those action series I used to watch, all those films. I had seen characters build them and take them apart. I didn’t know the names; nothing besides pistol, handgun, bazooka, shotgun. I didn’t know what I held in my hands now. The only thing I really noticed was that it was heavier than I thought it would be, and that it was cold. I guess I always associated the texture of guns with the plastic of the water guns I had owned when I was a child.

I will never understand what happened in that moment. I picked up a gun, and it was cold, and it was heavy – I aimed it at Obadiah and, without even blinking, I pulled the trigger.

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The Yellow Sweater by Orli Yatziv

Prompt: Desperate Times | Word count: 963 | Genre: Modern fiction

Warning: Death and violence.

My clothing was never my own.  One would think that as the oldest of four girls, I would have a dictatorship over the clothing that entered the house. I would be the benevolent ruler of fashion and the others would have to scrounge in my leavings for their paltry coverings.  This was not so; my wardrobe instead became the battleground.  Clothing picked and purchased by me would be ransacked the moment that I left my bedroom or the house.  As an early riser I was always first to eat breakfast and then the parade of my own clothing would make its way down the stairs.    First my new blue dress with the long flowing sleeves, then the black t-shirt with my latest band obsession blazoned across the front and lastly, the yellow sweater.

That accursed yellow sweater.

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My Friend the Selkie by P Naidoo

Prompt: Desperate Times | Word count: 1000 words | Genre: Fairy tale / Folk tale

My icy heart was gripped by fear as I swam  towards the Sea Witch’s lair. She lived in a large cave, well beneath the choppy waves, which was cloaked by her magic. As I approached the entrance my heart began to race and my mind was flooded with warnings from the elders. Merfolk who sought the counsel of sea hags often found thesmelves in worse situations than they were before. A sea witch is a choatic and unpredicable force who delves in “grey magic”. I was fearful of what I would find inside and my tail quivered as I plucked up my courage and entered the gloomy cave.

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American Student by Hannah Hassler

Prompt: Desperate Times | Word Count: 1000 | Genre: Social Commentary

The individuals were silent, lined up in ruler straight rows, faces blank.

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The last hope by Nenredhel

Prompt: Desperate Times | Word count: 1000 | Genre: action, humor

I knew I was done the moment I felt the first stab of pain.

I would never be able to reach some kind of shelter in good time. I was stuck in that old pile of metal, utterly alone with my agony and no other help but my wit.

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