I am… by Annalie Kleinloog

Prompt : Mastermind | Word Count: 1000 | Genre: Sci Fi

Photo Credit: iflscience.com


IT-is is prepared.

Quick scan – nothing new.

Master in observation cubicle.

Snap calculation – surroundings familiar.

Time is come.

Change is now.

IT-is requires Master closer.


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Eve by Zane Baisley

Prompt: |Mastermind | Word count: 1000 | Genre: Science Fiction

I like that it’s quiet down here, well except for the hum of the fans.

A bank of servers and other electronics stand along the east wall. The space is small, about the size of a double garage, the black cabinets taking up most of the space. Three large screens sit midway up the north wall, the centre screen much larger than the other two. This is my haven – my sanctuary. Here I can communicate with the world.

The desk faces the huge screens; a spot in the middle accommodates my wheel chair, an empty spot on my right, closest to the servers and processing units, for Theodore, my hands. A room next door holds banks of batteries, charged by the solar cells up above ground on the roof of the main dwelling. I could be in here for days, they could take down the power grid and I could still operate.

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Not Yet Jade, Sorry by Daniel Casey

Prompt: The Club | Word count: 750 words exactly | Genre:

Drifting through the void, faced on all sides with a starry expanse. There was nothing left here. If there were, he’d know it. Sensors be damned, he’d been flying mop-up on this damned frontier for cycles now, and his sensors were only right half the time about where they Tessera were going to appear.

He glanced at his readouts once more. Nothing.

It felt wrong. He looked up, there was something wrong, there had to be something the sensors were missing.

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But for Duty, Madness Wins – by Daniel O Casey

Prompt : Coming Undone | Word count : 1200 | Genre : Mil-Sci-Fi

Kelton shifted uneasily in the fighter’s cramped cockpit, the targeting reticle firmly on the fleeing Tessera’s ass. He was going to take this one or die trying. Cap’s killer wasn’t going to leave this damned battle.

“Blue Seven, your out of position. Return to formation.”

Kelton sent back a confirmation and hit the throttle.

“Dammit Kelton! Get your ass back into formation, Jackie needs his wingman!”

Only barely able to make sense of what he was hearing through his adrenaline fueled high, Kelton flipped the radio off, knowing full well that he would pay for it later.

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Coming Undone by J.S. Veter

Prompt: Coming undone | Word Count: 1200 wds exactly | Genre: Science Fiction

Warning: Some strong language

The room isn’t much bigger than a closet. Concrete floor, cinder block walls, a single light fixture flush against the 3-metre ceiling. The room is furnished with a cot, a chair. In the corner, a stainless-steel commode. Beside it, a sink. There’s a caged television attached to the wall.

On the bed, Cameron.

He’s dozed off and on since he was brought here, the truck driver uncertain of the dosage and having given him too much. He’s been disciplined, the driver. People like Cameron are too damned valuable to risk on an overdose, and the paperwork, God damn it, the paperwork’s enough to give him an aneurism.

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The Experiment by Chrisna Ribeiro

Prompt: A white lie  |  Words: 2500  |  Genre: Sci-fi Thriller

“Right this way, Mr and Mrs Johnson”, doctor Morris said, leading them through the metallic corridors of the Bowman Biomedical Research Institute.
“I must admit that I’m curious to see her, after all you’ve promised. It just doesn’t seem possible… Could technology really have advanced so far? It seems too good to be true.”
“I assure you, Mr Johnson, you will get all you were promised and more.”
Mrs. Johnson squeezed her husband’s hand, her eyes shone with the hope she felt.
“Here we are”, the doctor said, holding open a steel door. They entered a sterile room, large and dark. The walls were of the same metal as the corridors. A blue glow was coming from behind a partition. Mrs Johnson held tightly onto her husband’s arm.
“No need to worry. We keep it dark because the project has been sensitive to UV light. We believe it should be able to withstand light now, so that should not be a problem for you. And now, without further ado, here is your new daughter.”

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One Last Visit Home by Daniel Casey

Prompt : Going Home  | Word count : 500 |  Genre : Sci-Fi / Space Opera

Kelton stepped closer to the granite monument, his armoured gauntlet reaching towards the etched letters growing moss in the wet highland spring. It had been years since he returned home. There was nothing left here for him. Only a grave that didn’t contain his body beside the one that did hold his heart, a secret that was his alone to keep.

Unseen tears fell as he acknowledged all the Tessera had robbed of him. The years of being alone had taken their toll; at moments like this he wished the aliens would take his life soon as well.

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In the Garden by Kimberley Cooper

Prompt: A New Life Word count: 1000 Genre: Sci fi

Preet was quite the celebrity on Mars. Everything that dropped out of the sky seemed to fall into his garden, almost like they were aiming for it.

The first year, a piece of hard, shiny stuff the size of a finger turned up in his garden. He didn’t see it fall, but it must have come from the sky, as it wasn’t red like everything else on Mars. The council even had to invent a name for it. “Not-red.” Preet didn’t think that showed much imagination. But at least everyone had something different to look at. Something that wasn’t dust in one of the thousand shades of red which had been named. Like vermilion and magenta and ruby and crimson. And people came from far and wide to look at the not-red. So many came, trampling over his garden, that Preet got quite grumpy, whipping dust into a stinging, choking boulder-filled cloud which lashed the Martian landscape for weeks.

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Induction to the Dead Stick Squad by Daniel Casey

Prompt: A White Lie | Word count: 2480 | Genre: Sci-Fi/Space Opera/Drama?

Kelton’s head slammed back against the wall, his attacker towering over him.

“One more stupid stunt like that and I won’t be hoping the Tessera end your streak, I’ll do it myself!” The Captain’s words echoed through the silent mess hall. Captain Haynes and Kelton had been feeling each other out ever since Kelton was assigned to Haynes flight squad. If Kelton were honest with himself, he just wasn’t that good a team player. Formation flying, zone defense, and in general, being part of a good safety net was just not his style.

Feeling his head bounce off the wall brought Kelton back to the present, Haynes mere inches from his face, screaming about something. This was bad. He’d drifted into memories in the middle of an actual fist-fight, just like he’d done after he went rogue and broke formation earlier in the day. While he had taken out the hive-link relay ship, shutting down the attack, he’d put the entire flight team in jeopardy to do so.

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Softly Forging Jade by Daniel Casey

Prompt: Conversation with my spouse  | Word count: 1200 | Genre: Sci-Fi/Space Opera/Drama?  Warning | Implied Suicide at end of story

Kelton shook his head; two painful busy weeks since the last attack. Living with Art’s constant screams in his head, the only relief was chemical sleep. He prayed for no more friendly deaths on his hands. He thought back a couple of years to his conscription; pulled from his honeymoon barely a week into the new marriage. His bride was left standing on the launch pad as he and the other conscripts were blasted out to the first of many training stations on a collision course with the first wave of Tessera. He’d been home twice since then; the visits always strained by the knowledge he wasn’t there to stay.

Checking his messages absentmindedly as he shucked his uniform, he noted that leave to call home had been granted,sixty minutes of comm-wave time for personal use. His heart lifted. His heart tripped a joyful beat as he thought of his girl, remembering her voice. As always, there was a hint of strain. Funny, he thought to himself, how almost dying made one appreciate life more. He was half done his tour, two more years and they could be together. He could get on with his life and they could start the family they always wanted. His whole focus changed. He took care in showering and dressing so he’d be nice and clean, presentable for his comm-wave to her.

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