Facing Reality by Anusuya Kashi

Prompt: Coming Undone l  Word Count: 1200 words l Genre: Drama

Smita bit hard on the end of her pencil, and fixed her gaze on some vague point near the bougainvillea tree. She had seen people doing that when trying to concentrate, as if the mere act of looking pointedly at something would provide an answer.

Smita was due to meet Dr. Asha in an hour. But her poem wasn’t ready yet because her mind refused to cooperate. Of course, she could string together a few sentences with the last words rhyming and technically, it would be poetry. And anyway, Dr. Asha never criticized her, so it was okay. Yet, Smita wanted to try and give expression to at least some of the thoughts that felt so beautiful when they moved around her head.

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Honesty by Irina Maks

Prompt: Coming undone | Word count: 1200 | Genre: Drama

It’s a cold winter night in a small town. Next to the shore of a beautiful lake in a small wooden house live Chris and Mary. They have been together since college and are married for two years now but they still haven’t got any children. Mary is working as a therapist and Chris is a teacher at the local high school. They have had great days in their marriage but tonight is going to be one of those bad nights that can happen ones in a while.

Chris and Mary are talking quite loudly on the kitchen table. They are both very upset and they have been crying and discussing for a while.

“Please go away, okay?” – says Mary. “This time it’s over. I cannot go through this again. It is too much to bear. Do you understand?”

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Undone on Street by Sarah Muzaffar

Prompt: Coming Undone | Word Count: 1199 | Genre: Drama

He returned again, empty-handed, not as much as a cent in his hand. After an hour’s wait, he showed up nonchalantly.

“I didn’t get anything….nobody gave me anything”, he stammered to her raging glare. “They all shoo me away, what can I do….”

A tight slap across his cheek stopped him. Tears streamed their way on his smoky face.

“You lazy bum, you don’t move your ass around as much, do you! Just that damned traffic signal. That is where you linger about all the time. Who will give you anything there? They are already so hot and angry, waiting at the signal. You think they will even look at you. You have no sense.”

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