New Life by Michelle Crowder-Soellner

Prompt: New Life | Word count: 1000 | Genre: 3rd installment of larger mystery

It was appetizer and cocktail hour so I ventured out of my room. I had napped and showered and was wearing my most comfy jeans and sweater.

Other guests were already gathered in the lobby, sitting on chairs in front of the fireplace. I found a lone chair and tried to sit without drawing too much attention to myself.

Almost immediately, a bald, mustachioed man said “Hello! I’m Neil, and this is Shiela. We’re from Wisconsin. Beautiful here, isn’t it?”

“Oh, um, hi there! Yes, very pretty.”

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Evolution by Brittany Meyer

Prompt: New Life | Word Count: 1000 | Genre: abstract

The first cells found themselves in dark water, and they swam as their bodies developed fins. They explored- for they were explorers even then, in the very beginning- the depths of the oceans they inhabited. There were others swimming in the recesses of the cliffs with sharp teeth, and the creatures learned to avoid them.
They filled the ocean. The most adventurous of them began to move toward the muddy shores, tentacles pushing from their skin, replacing the fins. They gasped in this strange non-corporeal substance, and lungs grew in their chests as they left the water.
There were new places to explore: thin swaying objects that grew thickly with tendrils of their own, and from which delicious objects hung. The creatures were afraid until they realized the objects could not fight back when the objects were taken away and consumed.
Tentacles grew and split at the ends, to better grip the ground beneath them.
The air grew cold. The creatures were confused. The water had never been cold. Several of them did not awake when the warmth came back, after the long dark. The ones that did awake soon found themselves covered with a course, thick substance that rose on their backs when threatened. This helped them survive the long darks, and even better did they stay warm when huddled together.

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In the Garden by Kimberley Cooper

Prompt: A New Life Word count: 1000 Genre: Sci fi

Preet was quite the celebrity on Mars. Everything that dropped out of the sky seemed to fall into his garden, almost like they were aiming for it.

The first year, a piece of hard, shiny stuff the size of a finger turned up in his garden. He didn’t see it fall, but it must have come from the sky, as it wasn’t red like everything else on Mars. The council even had to invent a name for it. “Not-red.” Preet didn’t think that showed much imagination. But at least everyone had something different to look at. Something that wasn’t dust in one of the thousand shades of red which had been named. Like vermilion and magenta and ruby and crimson. And people came from far and wide to look at the not-red. So many came, trampling over his garden, that Preet got quite grumpy, whipping dust into a stinging, choking boulder-filled cloud which lashed the Martian landscape for weeks.

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Her Eclipsed Life by Sarah Muzaffar

Prompt: New Life I Word Count: 999 I Genre: Women Fiction

”So, do you like it?” He asked, keenly observing her beautiful face. ”It took me hours to find you the perfect one.”

She smiled coyly. She did not know how to put it together in a few words. Right words. The moonlight immersed her soul with both anxiety and happiness. Turning towards him, the anticipation in his eyes made her heart cringe.

It is the best thing that has ever happened to me, she wanted to say. Instead, she heard herself say in a blunt voice that seemed to come from far inside of her. ”I am sorry, Jacob. I can’t marry you.”

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The Night Before by Rachel Dye

Prompt:  New Life | Word Count:  1000 (exactly) | Genre:  General Fiction

       The lights of the city twinkled through my window, as I stood gazing at the slumbering city, I now called home.  I glanced at the bed and tried not to flinch at the late hour.  Fear twisted in my belly, even as I tried calming my body enough to encourage sleep.

       “The next phase of your life starts tomorrow, Kat.”  Micah’s soft words filled the room and I smiled.  Rather than answer immediately, I moved towards him and burrowed into my husband’s chest.  His fresh, earthy scent soothed my tattered nerves; this was what I needed.

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Outcross by Michael James

Prompt: New Life | Word count: 1000 | Genre: That would be telling

Stan tried to mask his heavy breathing behind the squeaking gurney as it rattled along. He fought the urge to run. Struggling to keep up, he did his most dignified-looking speed walk. A lifelong abusive relationship with hamburgers was to blame. His wife, Delia (she hated that name and went by Bridget instead), lay on the rolling hospital bed and screamed. Her wailing caused such an unusual commotion that anyone who could move fast enough, dove out of the way. Delia was supposed to pop on the weekend. It’s Thursday, for fuck sake, Stan thought. Anthony and the boys were waiting for him at the local O’Hagans. It was a tradition: the first Thursday of the month. Of course, the baby was coming tonight. His night. Delia was silent just long enough to suck more air into her tar-crusted lungs before the next round of gasping, moaning and swearing started.

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Revive by Chrisna Ribeiro

Prompt: New Life  |  Word Count: 1000  |  Genre: Drama

My shrink advised me to write down my thoughts in a journal. I advised him to stick his suggestions where the sun don’t shine. That was back when I was still seeing the beanpole. Three sessions and I’d had it. The world got along just fine without head doctors until now. We don’t need ‘em.
So anyway. Here I am. Writing. The asshole.

It all started that day I was driving down Sycamore Lane. I’d just finished a typical conversation with my daughter, who lives four states over, in Tampa Florida. Linda’s a pain sometimes, but she’s a good girl.
“You still seeing, Dr. Smith, daddy?”
“Yeah, ‘course.”
“That’s good. And…”
Here it comes, I thought.
“And how are you doing?”
“Good”, I lied.
She could tell I didn’t want to talk and tied things up quickly. Bless her.

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