Myths and Legends by Michael James

Prompt:  That will not be necessary | Word count: 1200 | Genre: Short Story

They all said the sky will blacken, that the rivers will glop like oil, and the very ground you walk upon shall burst into blistering coals. All of this at the first sight of the beast rumoured to guard the Iron Hills castle by the Glimmer Sea. Fiery skies, molten oceans and poisonous gas were all things on the mind of the dashing Maurice Prendergast, as he and his horse Amari clopped along. Needless to say, he was somewhat uneasy – but knowing how folk tales expand in grandeur from beer to beer, he clung to hope. Amari didn’t care. Those purple blooms his master stopped at by the crossroads were delicious. Continue reading

Santa’s Secret by Michael James

Prompt:  Leftovers | Word count: 500 | Genre: Short Story

Warning: Not an original concept.

The adults learnt that night that telling your children “you can name the dog anything you like” was a mistake. It took the kids four whole hours to come up with then name Leftovers. He earned it after cleaning out a casserole dish filled with more food than his body weight. Continue reading