How To Clean An Oven by Irene Cornwell

Prompt: Mastermind | Word Count: Approx.  1000 words | Genre: Memoir (parents )

     The sixteen-year-old girl turned down a chance to dance to a 1924 tune. Surprising as the person asking was a genuine Washington State lumber jack.

      She was concentrating on schoolhouse style clock on the wall and the entrance to the lakeside dance hall.  The words to the song “What’ll I Do?” echoed through the summer air.

       At exactly nine thirty, the awaited fifteen-year lad entered. His tossed blond hair framed a mere lad like face but his blue eyes held the knowledge of a much older man.

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Lost in the Woods by Kevin

Prompt: Mastermind | Word count: 1000 | Genre: Fiction

On a bright sunny day, a girl in her teens, rushed out from the porch of a small white and blue painted farmhouse. The house was surrounded by lush green meadows with few cows in a distance. Sana, had spent all her childhood in this farm land. She knew all the shortcuts to the village nearby from where her father used to buy supplies. She had various places in the forest and along the river where she and her mother would spend time. Today, it was different. She was anxious and curious from the information what Salaam, the son of the local supermarket shopkeeper, had provided her and today they were supposed to meet to solve the puzzle together

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The Necklace by Zita Fogarty

Prompt: Mastermind | Word Count:1000 |  Genre: Adult Fiction

Gabby woke up in a sweat.

She’d dreamt that a figure dressed in black was standing in the doorway. He was wearing medieval robes and a cloak. A beaked mask covered his face.

Sergej was still lying half under her. She peeled her body off his, trying not to wake him, and lay on her back staring at the patterns on the ceiling from the neon lights of the golf pro shop.

It was quiet for a Saturday night, just the usual steady hum of traffic, intermittent sirens and horns. After two months of visiting his penthouse, she’d stopped noticing the white noise of the busy street below.

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How to Fight Unity by Daniel Casey

Prompt: Mastermind | Word count: 1000 words exactly | Genre: Science Fiction

Kelton shuddered involuntarily as his ship transitioned back to normal space, the after effects of the transit field still wreaked hell on his physiology, despite years of experience.

Glancing at the preliminary readouts, he grimaced.  Four jumps past the edge of known space; he’d been tasked with following the traces of the Tessera’s jumps signatures back to their origins.

Sighing in resignation, he swung the long-range scout ship around and headed in towards the system’s primary.   He couldn’t see any signs of anything in this system.  Two gas giants at distance, and what looked like the remains of a planet blasted into an asteroid belt.

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The Mastermind Of Charades by Riham Gharib

Prompt: Mastermind I Word Count: 1000 I Genre: Fiction

The year is 1975. In a geriatrics ward, Mourad, a 25 year old doctor is eagerly treating a very old woman with an empty look on her face. Montasser walks in. He’s also 25, but less athletic and less handsome than his friend. He signals to Mourad to meet him outside. They talk at the door of the ward.

‘She’s a hopless case this one. wouldn’t fight.’ , Montasser says drily.

Mourad shruggs his shoulders, ‘Nothing is hopeless or hopeful. Anything can happen anytime. No rules. How many times do I have to tell you that?!’

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A Questionable Affair by Beth Stillman Blaha

Prompt: Mastermind| Word count: 1000 words | Genre: Contemporary

“I so needed a night away from work tonight,” Nina slid onto the bar stool next to Lynette. “Thanks for asking me to meet you out. Sam didn’t give you a hard time about having to be home with the kids?”

Lynette twisted the stem of her martini glass between her fingers. “I didn’t give him a choice,” she said, not looking at Nina.

“Can I have a dirty martini? Shaken?” Nina asked the bartender. She can even drink better than I can, Lynette thought, her green appletini nearly glowing in the light.

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Mastermind by JM Barrie

Prompt: Mastermind | Word Count: 1000 | Genre: Action

Warning: Violence and some coarse language

Concrete shards rained on Julia Griffin’s blonde hair as bullets slammed into the office wall where her head had been an instant earlier. She cocked her silenced Sig Sauer P226, forward rolled out from behind a desk, aimed, and fired as she rose to one knee.

Five minutes later, Griffin climbed into the passenger seat of a grey delivery van. Watson, already behind the wheel, eased into the mid-morning traffic.

‘Mission accomplished?’

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Trapped! by Moira le Roux

Prompt: The Mastermind | Word count 1000 words | Genre: Fantasy

Way back in the 1950’s Julian worked for the largest power plant in the country. He was considered quite the cowboy, so when one of the large cables leading out from the plant failed, he was the one called to fix it. Disaster struck and Julian was electrocuted. His body fell to earth but his soul, to his surprise, found itself in the electricity grid.

He shot around for a while before slowing down and trying to figure out where he was. It wasn’t too bad, as he was rather a voyeuristic man, and he could see into any home that had electricity. He soon got bored and then computers came along. He learnt coding and later fell in love with the internet and the trouble he could cause.

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The Masterminds by Anusuya Kashi

Prompt: Mastermind(s)   l  Word count: 1000 exactly  l Genre: Coming of age?

Matt slammed the door shut and threw himself onto the only chair in the room. He grabbed his cellphone and scrolled through the notifications. Painstakingly, he read through each and every one of them, forcing his mind to move away from the events of the past few hours. And yet, it kept coming back to him. The way those people sneered at him oh-so-politely, the pitying looks they gave him, a rank outsider. He’d tried the past few months but not anymore. He was done with the group. If his talent was meant to flower, it would have to be some other way.

Rose drummed her fingers on the table, mentally composing what she wanted to say. Would it sound nice that way, or would she sound too pretentious? Was it correct to use that phrase…maybe, she ought to rework that a little…., yes, she’d do it this way. A loud scream interrupted her thoughts. “Mom, where are my skates? And I’m already late! Coach will be really mad at me…come on, Mom, help me a little here. Mooom..what are you doing sitting there when I’m so desperate! You can finish your dreaming after dropping me to class…let’s go, Mom!”

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Our Little Mastermind by Rachel Grise

Prompt: Mastermind I Word Count: 1000 I Genre: Fiction

We called you our little mastermind before you were ever even born. Not like an evil mastermind, which is what I think everyone immediately thinks of when they hear that word. But, like, the superman of masterminds, using your talents for truth, justice, and the American way. At least that’s how we saw it. After all, you were doing incredible things before you were barely a fetus.

I had been sick almost every day for a week, and not just in the mornings either, but afternoons, evenings, after eating, before eating. It was flu season, and I thought I caught some awful bug. I’m embarrassed to tell you this, you being a mastermind and all, but it took me an entire week to realize that I could be pregnant.

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