The Driftwood by SJCramer

The Driftwood by SJCramer

Genre : Sonnet

The driftwood drifts in the blue open sea. Caressed and gently rocked in its embrace. The waves transforming it so lovingly. The wood dependent on its time and space. At times the sea will rage so dark and deep. The wood tossed in a vortex, no control. The...

Wandering by NetaQ

Genre : Spenserian Sonnet

If only the world’s tears filled our oceans, And smiles illuminated the sunrise. Days would pass with slow and steady motions, Eyes glazing in glut, to feast in reprise. Shame bites the tongue, soothing fomenting lies, You are joy and light embodied, and more....

Beauty of Imperfection by prachishah

Genre : General

As we together sit side by side, You in your world, me in mine, I think about how all love stories lied, With sweeping declarations, balls and red wines. You’ve shown me the beauty of imperfection, That lies in blissful silences and knowing glances, In lasting support...