Leftovers by Elaine Dodge

Prompt: Leftovers | Word Count: 500 | Genre: Horror

Warning: Adult theme

There were one hundred of us. I’ll never forget that bright, clean day we boarded the ship in Dutch Harbour. The seagulls screamed with laughter as our small band of would-be settlers said goodbye to everything we had ever known and headed out to The New World. We should have called it The New Hunger. Continue reading

A Root Canal by Khan

Prompt: Leftovers | Word count: 500 | Genre: Creative Non-Fiction

I had been seeing Dr. P. — my dentist — for years, we knew each other well.

I was at her clinic because my front tooth was throbbing with pain.

Sitting in the car, immobile outside the office, a detonation of anxiety, my limbs limp, frozen, a silence surrounding me, a refusal to turn back, heart beat hastening. Continue reading

Gorged by Tim Cooper

Prompt: Leftovers | Word Count: 500 words exact | Genre: Thriller

The old Africander stood forlornly in the dark, driving rain, exhausted from struggling against her bonds. Her adolescent herdsman had sought shelter from the storm and slept deeply, unaware of his loss. Moses had tightly lashed both her horns to the ancient milkwoods either side of the narrow road, and waited patiently in the shadows. Continue reading

Finding Utopia by Sally Brown

Prompt: Leftovers | Word count: 500 words | Genre:  

As Kate drove passed the café, she could see a familiar figure slumped on the pavement.  She felt irritation flame her followed by a begrudging guilt. Grabbing the cardboard box from the boot, she was about to close the door with her hip, when she was aware of him behind her.  Her early caller. One of the Leftovers. Only he had no idea that there were Leftovers or that he was one of them.  He was perceptive, he knew something was wrong, although he would never guess the truth.  If she looked him in the eye for 5 seconds, she could read his mind, tell what he had eaten in the last 24 hours and see his full life history played out in perfect technicolour in her mind’s eye.  If she looked for a second longer, she would see his fate. Continue reading

Under the Train Station by Wanda Hughes

Prompt: Leftovers | Word count: 500 | Genre: Drama

It’s eternally dark down here, drafty, too; steamy and dank, smells like dirty socks. The kind that Old Geezer wore daily without washing. Whispers come in the steam like mutterings of mad men. Movements, too, in the dark, I see them out of the corner of my eye, shapeless things shambling around the bend in the tunnel. Continue reading

Leftovers by Will

Prompt: Leftovers| Word count: 500 | Genre: 

It was late at night when Ken dumped the leftovers of the feast of the nobles. As usual, the lord of palace had ordered an excessive amount of food for the hundreds of guests. Unfortunately, his boss always asked for more than was needed to feed all the guests. Continue reading

No Leftovers by Timothy Henderson

Prompt: Leftovers | Word Count: 500 words exactly | Genre: Drama

The wipers beat furiously against the unrelenting rain. It was so dark and misty that the centre line was barely visible as it led the way down the road that twisted its way before him. Continue reading

No Such Place as Away by Liane Greeff

Prompt: Leftovers | Word Count: 504 | Genre: Memoir

My Mother cried the day the fridge stopped working. I was about five at the time and Moira two years older. She moved the fridge away from the wall to find out why it had stopped working, and found a growing heap of vegetable left-overs that we had thrown away. The nightly ritual resulted in a stinking and growing heap of revolting gunk. Continue reading

Addicted to Ham by Janice

Prompt: Leftovers | Word Count: 500 | Genre: Humour

Ham and cheese omelette, mac and cheese with ham, ham and eggs, ham and cheese sandwich, pea soup with ham. What to do with the leftover ham after Thanksgiving dinner. You had to decide quickly because it wouldn’t be long before the boys shuffled into the kitchen, farting and grunting like a troop of sleepy bears. The ham wouldn’t stand a chance. Leftover was such a poor word to describe something so delicious. Given the choice between ham and turkey, it was hands down ham every time. Continue reading

Leftover Overwrite by Stacey

Prompt: Leftovers | Word Count: 500 exactly | Genre: Sci-Fi Action/Drama |

(This is a continuation of Prompt #9- Delete, titled “A Trace Left Behind”).

Arch led her down a hallway and unlocked a door, ushering her into a comfortable room.  “How do you feel?”

“Sore. Headachy. Drowsy.” Kerstin shook her head.  Images were half forming in her mind, lingering for a moment and then fading when she tried to bring them into focus.  “I have all these things that feel like memories swimming just below the surface, but I can’t remember anything completely.  She sat down on the bed. Continue reading