Pixie by DLJessop

Prompt: That won’t be necessary | Word count: 1200 | Genre:

The hole in the door seemed too big for one foot to have gone through. It was funny, in a way, because Dad had only kicked it once, and all the wood from the bottom panel splintered out, and the gust made some of the baubles fall off the tree. It sounded like a firework going off in the night, when the sky is black and the air feels like a ghost’s breath on your cheek. Continue reading

The Spithag by Kim Kneen

Prompt: That Will Not Be Necessary | Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Fiction

Dogan was a spithag of a man, small and wiry. Took after his Da like that; generations of diminutive men with just enough guts to brave the chopsy lumps they made their wives. Not Dogan though. His Mam used to say he was delicate. His Da said too soft. Continue reading

Sharing a Dream by Gordon Pinckheard

Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word count: 1,200 words | Genre: General Fiction

Few live to fulfil their dreams.

Young, Dan dreamt of the sea. The sea hundreds of miles away from his home in Milwaukee. Lake Michigan was nearby, but it wasn’t the same. He read books about sailing and seamanship and understood tides; tides that could hardly be detected on the Lake. Continue reading

That Relentless Obsession by Carolyn Dekat

Prompt: That Won’t Be Necessary | Word count: 1,200 exactly | Genre: Fiction

Elsie looked left down the street, then right, and left again. Where was the cab? Had she messed this up already? Several passers-by gave her long, curious looks.

Precisely the reaction she wanted. She simply wasn’t used to it. Continue reading

Same old, same old by Susan O’Neal

Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word count: 1200 | Genre: General fiction

The door opened with a crash. The winter evening delivered a breathless woman into the bistro, her bright red coat a shock of colour amongst the conservatively dressed diners.  Continue reading

Before and After by Cathleen Cherry

Prompt: Leftovers | Word count: 500 | Genre: 

Nora popped the leftovers into the microwave, entered the time, and pushed start.  Her mom was working late and she’d have the apartment to herself tonight.  Without the commotion usually caused by her mom and Joseph, the new boyfriend, who was decidedly wrong, Nora would be free to do as she pleased, which in tonight’s case, would be to dye her hair.  She couldn’t wait. Continue reading

The Moment the Lights Came On by Ritta M. Basu

Prompt: Leftovers | Word count: 500 | Genre: Fiction

She cried when Aunt Dolly died, but not at her funeral, and not because the old woman was dead.

Dolly had been wanting to die for a long time, and Kirsti was frankly glad to see her go. Kirsti had felt a sense of obligation to this woman for as long as she could remember and they weren’t even related. Continue reading