An unexpected twist by Steve Caron

Prompt: Celebration | Word count: 2500 | Genre: Fiction

A large eye has dominated the room where a massive stone table waits, empty since the last few hundred years.

 The earth growl as the eye open wide.

They’re coming!

A short looking man with blood stained white feathered wing comes through the only window in the room and land in front of the eye saluting it.

“I am here at your command my lord”

Drips of blood falls on the table as the eye shed his tears. Continue reading

Under The Comet by Prakhar Gahlot

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 Words Exactly | Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi

“Can you believe them?” Shahid muttered as he glanced at the silent TV set. Teenagers singing, celebrating, and being happy in all ways flitted across the screen on news specials. “Celebrating murder!” Continue reading

Death Hits Us in Funny Ways by Stacey

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 exactly | Genre: General Fiction

Warning: Brief description of abuse.

“Hey Gabi, your cell phone’s ringing.”  Tish motioned over to Gabi’s purse. The faint strains of “Ode to Joy” issued from its depths.

“Thanks, Tish,” Gabi replied.  She set down the dishes she was setting out for display and ran to her purse – just in time to hear the music cut out.  The missed call was from her mother. Gabi sighed.  Although she repeatedly requested a voicemail be left, Mom, for some reason, refused to leave messages for her on her cell phone, and only occasionally left them on her land line at home.  She started to dial her mother back. Continue reading

The Time Parallel by Moira le Roux

Prompt: A Celebration | Word count 2500 words | Genre: Fiction

It was 20th April 1962 and John Bennett stood at his laboratory window looking down at the celebrations on the Main Street below. He was in the Science Park of London watching the Nazis cheer on the public holiday that was Hitler’s 73rd birthday. It had been years since the Nazis had invaded and ruled England, and he hated them. He had spent a lot of his twenty-seven years playing up to them, so he could get the education he so badly needed. In amongst the cheering faces below were the faces of desperate people waving hated flags, trying not to look like the traitors they were. The smell of fear rose up to meet him. Most of Britain still longed for the old days when the monarchy were still alive and British men ruled Britain. Continue reading

An Envelope, A Name, and A Place by Patricia Vicente

Prompt: A celebration | Word count: 2500 | Genre: Crime

It ended the same way it began, with an envelope, a name and a place.

The murmuring jazzy notes of Blue Train by John Coltrane filled the silence of Luc’s one-bedroom apartment. Diffused twilight painted his minimalistic home in a colourless grey. Continue reading

For Abernathy by Amanda Rioux

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 words | Genre: Fiction

Poor Abernathy.

That was the sentiment of every creature gathered at the eulogy. Furry arms and feathered wings alike were draped in sympathy over his widow, Clementine. The egg they had rescued—not yet hatched—was cradled in its mother’s wings. She promised herself the fledging would grow up knowing the sacrifice Abernathy had made. Continue reading

A Celebration Gone Awry! by JHWallace

Prompt: Celebration I Word Count: 2500 I Genre: Action, Thriller, General Fiction

Warning: Violence, Might not be suitable for younger readers

Was it my empty alcohol-tainted stomach combined with the rhythmic rocking of the trolley car? On the other hand, it may have been the painted green, laughing, grinning faces belonging to the sweating revelers packed into this rolling box, like a can of stinking sardines that had me gagging—swallowing deep? Continue reading

A Giving Occasion by Mindy Goorchenko

Prompt: Celebration | Word Count: 2500 words | Genre: Women’s Fiction

Sage woke up with a clear sense that Ella was planning to preemptively dump her.

A dream had jarred her awake—in it, Sage and Ella had danced ballet with expert precision, a feat that eluded them in waking life. They had begun ballet class on a whim, two middle-aged women wanting to stay in shape. Continue reading

Life Celebrated by Kirsten Use’

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2,500 | Genre: Fiction, Magical Realism

13,845. 13,847. 13,851. Each time Darren saw the digital number increase on the thin blue silicone band around his wrist, the more he wanted to find a way to make it happen. It was an addiction. A new addiction. One with a different kind of high. Certainly, a better one. He knew eventually the number would decrease. There was no stopping that, but he had hoped to delay the inevitable for as long as possible. Continue reading

Celebrations by Zita Fogarty

Prompt: A celebration | Word count: 2500 words | Genre: General Fiction 

The younger nephews and nieces hit balloons at each other, pale pink and powder blue. It’s 47C outside. The pool on the property is out of bounds today – it’s too far to walk in the heat. So everyone is staying in with the air con on, the thick curtains drawn.

I peep out the window between a slit in the cream coloured fabric. The Liquidamber trees look anorexic in the shimmering haze. It’s brother Gus’s birthday and the family has gathered to celebrate. Though there is a palpable weariness in the room – post-Christmas exhaustion, the weather. Polite conversation is going to be more difficult than usual Continue reading