Ahkin and Chakiik by Victor Espinosa

Prompt: A Celebration | Word count: 2500 words | Genre: Fantasy

Muffled by the distance, Ahkin could still hear the music, and even see the colorful dots of light in the distance, back down in the valley.

He kept walking furiously up the road, higher and higher, and deeper and deeper into the mountain’s dark forest. It was only when the drums and rattles were replaced by crickets and the ominous call from the owls, when the young man realized maybe running back home at night wasn’t the best idea. Continue reading

Brenda’s Birthday By Doug Liberati

Prompt: A celebration | Word Count: 2,531 | Genre: Lighthearted Supernatural

Warning: Extensive swearing and vulgar language

The morning after Brenda’s party came hard and bright. Even in her basement bedroom. I was the first to wake up. Well, regain consciousness.

I surveyed the damage. It had been a hell of a night. A case of empty beer bottles were scattered around, as well as a Captain Morgan and a Chardonnay bottle. That last was Sarah’s. Given her habits, and the mix of empties, I figured she’d be in the bathroom. The PS4 was idling on the home menu. Continue reading

Stowaway by Renee Scattergood

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 | Genre: Fantasy

Tiyana waited until the coast was clear. There weren’t many people around the dock, but a few people seemed to be finishing up last minute work before heading home for the night. One ship caught her attention. It wasn’t the biggest, but it seemed to be less rundown than the others. She hoped a better-quality ship held better-quality sailors.

A lone man stood at the top of the gangplank. Likely he was the watchman to protect the ship from stowaways and thieves. She scanned the area, looking for the best way to get on board without being spotted. Continue reading

5252525 by Rachel Grise

Prompt: Celebration | Word Count: 2500 exactly | Genre: Fantasy

They were just numbers, until they weren’t. It didn’t matter if you had 6 numbers, 7 or 8. It didn’t matter if they were imprinted on the back of your hand or, as mine were, along the inside of your index finger. The number had been a part of your body your entire life. It was just there, like a freckle. When you were a child, you discovered it, like you discovered your fingers. And once you realized that it didn’t taste any different than your thumb and that it couldn’t do anything useful like your legs, you forgot it was there. It was just numbers. Continue reading

A celebration by Chantelle Elizabeth Turner

Prompt: a celebration | Words: 2499 | Genre: Fantasy 

Eyes watched them from the dark forest. Bodies were moving around the large fire in a clearing outside the village. Men sat in a circle while the women danced, their dresses light, flowing into the air as if tugged by invisible hands. The fire flickered across their bare brown legs. Bells around their arms and ankles chimed sweetly over the deep booming drums that kept time with pulsing hearts. Continue reading

Earthsong by Peggy Rockey

Prompt: A celebration | Word Count: 2500 Words exactly | Genre: Fantasy

‪Etha felt an overwhelming desire to see the open sky. To breathe the fresh, cool air of the outside world, to be out from under the darkness and the crushing weight of the Riana Caves, and to feast her eyes upon the beauty of the Kakaesian landscape.

Instead, she followed the Riana Leader away from the cave entrance, down a narrow passage toward an unknown destiny that Etha sensed awaited her. Continue reading

Sleep to Dream by J.Bishop

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 words | Genre: Sci-Fi / Dystopian

On the last night I ever fell asleep, I did not dream. For months, the news and media had been abuzz with the mysterious Fast Radio Burst phenomenon. These brief yet exponentially powerful light Bursts were now dominating the night skies. I did not want to hear about it anymore. I had heard enough about how one Burst equaled all the energy our sun would emit in a day. I did not care any longer that each Burst was alikened to the amount of direct radiation one receives in that moment when you open the microwave door mid-use, just to avoid hearing that annoying triple-beep at the end of the cycle. Continue reading

Mistletoe Molly’s Dilemma by Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait

Prompt: A Celebration | Word count: 2500 | Genre: Fantasy

The chirping bluebirds announced Spring’s arrival. The forest had come alive in merriment, shaking off the last vestiges of the long Winter. Shining Wings McClaire swiped her pale arm across the foggy windowpane, exposing the golden rays of sunshine dancing across the forest floor. Continue reading

Eritque Arcus by Ellie Grace Hegarty

Prompt: The Celebration | Word count: 2500 exactly| Genre: Fantasy (Occurs *well* before “In Memoriam“)

Content Warnings: References to being followed and very mild imposed homophobia

A disappointing breakfast consisting of a bowl of soggy cereal and a lukewarm cup of tea met Quentin on the kitchen table, alongside Victoria Trask, his beloved mother. She had busied herself with her laptop, checking emails and replying to them, her fingers deftly tapping the keyboard. Continue reading

Fulfilling a ruse by Madeline Secules

Prompt: Desperate times | Word count: 1000 | Genre: fiction, fantasy

Content warning: suicide

Ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum.

Her heart pounded in time with her step. Up, and up she went, her feline form flying along the stairs. As she turned the last spiral she reached the top and leaped, curling into a ball. A rush of energy surged through her. She rolled, and landed in human form. Without missing a beat she ran toward the cliff edge. She jumped; or would have, if someone hadn’t stopped her. She was jerked backward.

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