A Celebration Gone Awry! by JHWallace

Prompt: Celebration I Word Count: 2500 I Genre: Action, Thriller, General Fiction

Warning: Violence, Might not be suitable for younger readers

Was it my empty alcohol-tainted stomach combined with the rhythmic rocking of the trolley car? On the other hand, it may have been the painted green, laughing, grinning faces belonging to the sweating revelers packed into this rolling box, like a can of stinking sardines that had me gagging—swallowing deep? Continue reading

Come Together by Kate Henderson – Please correct word count. Min 2450

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 Exactly | Genre: General Fiction/Drama

Warning: Sensitive content, infrequent profanity.

It was a peaceful night. Clear sky, a view straight to the unrestrained heavens. The rusted old bridge, that connected the two halves of the city, creaked and swayed slightly in a chill wind. A sudden gust nipped at her pale cheeks and sent flaming red hair dancing circles around her face. She shuddered one last time. Continue reading

The Baby shower by Donna Woodhouse

Prompt: A Celebration | Wordcount:  2504 | Genre: contemporary

Warning – profanity.

It’s not safe I say
I tell her twice.
It is not safe. I do not want to go.
I turn away and do not look at her. She knows what I mean. Knows how I feel. Continue reading

Desperate Times by Menna Tolba

Prompt: Desperate Times | Word count: 1000 | Genre: Drama 

Veronica was one of the top ballerinas in her town. Everyone was dreaming to be like her. She represented Russia in international theatres and won many prestigious awards. Before her father’s sudden death, she had an accident that left her paralyzed and the hope to walk on her feet was impossible. The doctors told her that she needs to go into an intensive course of physical therapy, but after her father’s death she gave up everything and chose to bury herself alive. She thought of committing suicide as well but she couldn’t do it. Her finance Bob tried to support her in every possible way but Veronica refused to receive any help and she dumped him to the way he had an affair with another woman trying to get over the idea of Veronica’s change.

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Said and Unsaid by Shwetha H S

Prompt: Desperate Times | Word Count: 1045 | Genre: Drama

Warning: Talk about sex and one profane word.

The ups and downs of the curvy roads on the hills of Coorg resisted Vineet’s pace but could not deter him from continuing the search. Looking around and walking swift, he cursed under his breath for bringing this search upon himself. He walked in the direction where he guessed she went. He clenched his fist and muttered ‘Why couldn’t I shut my mouth and keep my sarcasm to myself? Why did I even have to be sarcastic with her of all people, and of all the time?’ His mutterings distracted him from his search and he missed Payal by a glimpse.

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War Torn by Lionel Mullally

Prompt: Desperate Times | Word Count :999 |   Genre: Action

I was scared. Scared to see my papa and mother so worried. They were cutting my older sister Alesha’s hair short, like mine, putting her in boy’s clothes and saying that we would have to call her Ali now.

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Lost Everything but Faith by SJ Martinez

Prompt: Desperate Times | Word count:1000 words exactly | Genre:Drama

Warning: Profanity

Cemora stands at the corner of the highway entrance. The card board sign she holds reads, please anything helps lost everything but faith god bless.

She thinks to herself, I wish my life didn’t get fucked up. All I wanted was to be a good mom to Ellie. Losing Ellie was the worst…

I hated growing up in group homes…

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Mortal Enemies by Kim Dickinson

Prompt: Desperate Times | Word Count:1040 | Genre: Drama

Warning: Violence

“That’s mine!”

The blade flashed in the light, narrowly missing slicing through his nimble fingers. He snatched his hand back, knocking the pail over.

“Finders keepers,” he taunted. He jumped back from the girl, gingerly rubbing his hand. She hissed at him.  He laughed, delighted. Then bared his own teeth.

Between them the spilt bucket of water drained out onto the parched earth.

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Queen by Jal Espritz

Prompt: Desperate Times | Word Count: 1000 Words exactly | Genre: Drama

The silence in the kitchen was taut. Shefali stood hunched at the sink, peering blankly out of the window. Her thick shoulders ridged in tension. I sat sprawled at the wooden table in the middle of the room, my head thrown back in defeat. Sun flooded in and out through the high window, at the mercy of the clouds.

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