The Almond Tree by Zita Fogarty

Prompt: Conversation with my spouse | Word count: 1200 | Genre: Adult Fiction

I looked for Jessie for over half an hour – bathroom, bedroom and front verandah, to see if he wanted some of the flapjacks I had just made. I got side-tracked watching a recording of the Oscars with Martin. The three of us were still on school and uni holidays, Mum and Dad at work.

He hung himself from the almond tree during the time that I had been looking. I found him there, still warm, swinging like a pendulum, the branch creaking in time with each movement. Though when we got him down he started to get cold very quickly. I tried CPR on him until the paramedics arrived but it was no use.

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What Did You Say Dear? by Mark Patterson

Prompt: Conversation with my Spouse | Word count: 1200 words | Genre: Comedy

Warning Adult Content

“Donald would you like another cup of tea?” Jenny asked the pate peering over the top of the paper.

She didn’t expect a reply as it looked like he was on to the business section.

Seconds passed.

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A Million Little Things by Riham Gharib

Prompt: Conversation with my Spouse | Word count: 1200 words | Genre: Romantic fiction

“Do you remember the song that played for the slow dance in our third anniversary?”, she asked her husband as she poured some more coffee in her mug.

She was thinking about adding it to their fifth anniversary playlist, but even if she did not, she still had to remember it! The first three lines of the song were playing nonstop in her mind, and still she couldn’t figure out what the song was! She wondered if remembering one more line would guide her to the title. Or, maybe her husband would remember the stubborn thing. She grinned a little, considering how funny it is to get stuck with such little things. They seem to fill out one’s consciousness completely and till further notice.

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Dream Cycles by Birttany Meyer

Prompt: Conversation With My Spouse | Word count:1200 | Genre: Vague?

They speak of things unimportant, of inanes, of sunny days and picnics in the park. Conversation fills their days, coloring in their existence with bright oranges and neon blues. She bakes his favorite cookies in the afternoon, the sweet smell coating the air across the apartment. He draws her pictures of Paris lit with the dawn sun.
“I love you,” he whispers in her ear with the rising of the sun and the descent of the dark.
“I love you,” she says with each batch of cookies, with each glass of milk.
They don’t seem to notice that the front door only leads to a walled garden. They run the garden’s dirt through their fingertips, pulling up weeds as well as produce.
Sometimes, in the middle of the night, Henry dreams of something, something horrible enough that he wakes up gasping, reaching for his wife. She’s there instantly, holding him as he shakes, terrified of some ancient, unspeakable fear.

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It’s all about the music by Jeff Mauser

Prompt:  Conversation with my spouse | Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Romance

“Yes, it’s all about the music. I know we’ve seen these bands on the Happy Together Tour, but we only hear three or four songs, not like this. They are playing complete sets.” This was the first time my wife had directly asked about next year’s cruise.

Even before we stepped aboard the “Flower Power Cruise” on the Celebrity Cruise lines Summit they had been pushing next year’s 7 day cruise. The list of guests was impressive, especially if you were like us, children of the 60’s. “The Hollies,” “The Turtles,” “Herman’s Hermits,” Felix Cavaliere’s “Rascals,” “The Guess Who,” “The Grass Roots,” “The Association,” “The Family Stone,” “The Buckinghams,” “Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels,” her favorite “The Cowsills,” and my favorite “Canned Heat.”

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Motherhood by Beth Stillman Blaha

Prompt:  Conversation with my Spouse Word Count:1200 Genre: Contemporary

“On Monday, I am  getting a small dog.” Jamie said to the plastic menu panes with enlarged pictures of medium rare steaks with perfectly cross hatched charring. “I am inconsolable now that our only son has left for college.”

“Everything on his menu is going to be microwaved,” her husband Jack’s voice came from behind the menu. “And of course we don’t know how much your pomegranate margarita is going to be.”

“Did you hear me? There is a mutt at the county shelter named Toast and I am applying for him on Monday.”

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A Conversation With My Spouse by JM Barrie

Prompt: Conversation with my Spouse |  Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Drama

Warning: Violence

Rob’s good eye flitted around the gloom, his other closed by blood which ran from the gash in his scalp. He tried to wipe his eye and realised his hands were handcuffed behind him. He twisted around to look and screamed in agony.

Her voice startled Rob. ’Be careful with that knee, dear.’ Rob squinted as a torch shone in his eyes. He followed the light down his body and gasped when the light stopped at the knee. His calf had achieved an impossible angle to his thigh.

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The Nearly Perfect Funeral by Kimberley Cooper

Prompt: Conversation with my spouse Word count: 1200 Genre: Women’s fiction

He’d been 86 when he died. She was 92. A scandal it was, when they got together sixty five years ago. She was so much older than him, and already had a baby by another man. Tongues wagged, glances burned and shoulders turned against them. But it didn’t bother Arthur or Peggy. They held their heads high and over the years, turned that first heady flush of romance into a family. Stronger together than they’d been apart.

Wars came and went. Service to his country bent and bowed him, while she stayed at home raising the children they’d made together, as well as the boy that had been t’other man’s. The one whose beginning might have been a mistake, but who had been loved just as much as the others. And when the business of raising the boys was over, and work was a distant memory, they could rise late, go to bed early and spend the minutes in between in each other’s company. A small life, simply lived.

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Conversation with my spouse by Moira le Roux

Prompt: Conversation with my spouse | Word count: 1200 | Genre: Fiction

I sat on the veranda with my ancient laptop. I have been sitting here in sorrow for a long time – just staring. It has been six months since my mom died, and I felt bereft. Everything had revolved around her. If I went out, it was to see her, or go somewhere with her; so there didn’t seem to be any need to go out. William had bought me a landline phone, that had a mobile handset, so I could chat outside when my mom used to phone, but now all was silent. I have been so lonely.

Things had changed last week. My sister had too many work things to do, so she convinced me to take one over. It involved selling items off a website, so people would phone me. I was having trouble keeping things professional as my laptop was so old with a very slow memory. I spent my time outside, as I smoked, and my husband William didn’t. I was outdoors with the sun shining on my dark screen. I could hardly see, and if I wanted to open another programme my computer would say: “You have too many things open and the memory is stuffed so please restart your computer”. It’s hard to give good service when you can’t see, and the computer moans at you.

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A Long Way Gone by Sarah Muzaffar

Prompt: Conversation with my spouse | Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Romance

It was getting dark outside, though it was still mid morning. The blue spring sky was suddenly gripped by gargantuan blackness, and within a few minutes, heavy rains knocked insistently on the window panes in their living room. Ahmad looked up from his book, and listened to the song that the rain always played in his ear. Immersed in his childhood pleasure, he didn’t notice his wife grinning at him. She carefully set down the tray on the wood carved table and sat beside him on the couch.

“And people think you are 75 years old”, she laughed.

“75! I am still a 5 year old inside”, he turned towards her, his radiant smile narrowing his eyes, his soulful life reflected in the intense folds that formed on his face.

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