The Tree House by Kevin

Prompt: Calculated Risk | Word Count: 1804 | Genre: General Fiction

Sarah walked besides the sledge holding Sana’s hand.

“She will be fine, she is strong” mutters Sarah to herself. It’s dark, cold and wet. Saleem exhaustedly drags along the sledge made of Bamboo sticks, with light from the lantern hanging on the jute roof. Continue reading

Little John by Sarah Muzaffar

Prompt: Calculated Risk | Word Count: 1800 | Genre: Horror

Warning: Inappropriate language

A crowd had gathered in the town center. A large area was cordoned off by barricades, restricting the passage of the crowd to a not-so-narrow pavement. Everyone was looking at the ancient clock tower and the crane that was in the center. They had already set the giant Christmas tree near it and now the Great Clock would be installed. People were  excited and everyone had gathered in the chilly wind of the late November afternoon, to watch the installation, which would kick-start the biggest festival of the town. Continue reading

The Challenge by Tricia

Prompt: Calculated risk | Word Count: 1,800 | Genre: Fiction

It was finally quiet. He had listened patiently to all who needed to be heard. He had dispensed wisdom to those in need of wisdom. Now they were all gone and silence crept out from the corners where it had retreated with the arrival of his congregation for morning Mass. It used to be that he loved no time or place better than standing at the altar, looking out over the faces of his small congregation. He stood for a moment with his head bowed. It used to be an attitude of reverence, but now it meant nothing more than emptiness. Continue reading

Luck is a Lady by Kimberley Cooper

Prompt Calculated Risk     Word count 1800 words  Genre General Fiction

“No more bets, ladies and gentlemen, no more bets, thank you.”
The ball rattled around the roulette wheel, jumping and rattling before finally settling in its grove. The wheel slowed quickly, then by degrees until it came to a full stop.

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The Quest for Stacy and Rachel by Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait

Prompt: Calculated Risk | Word count: 1800 | Genre: Mystery

“Look, Julie. I’m not even asking you to go with me. Just don’t tell anyone.”

“Connie please don’t do it. You’re freaking me out! We were warned never to go near that place.”

Continue reading

Calculated Risk by Elaine Dodge

Prompt: Calculated Risk | Word Count: 1800 | Genre: Black humour

You smile. You know you’re going to get away with it. You always have.

You read the definition of a ‘calculated risk’ in the dictionary once. Sitting here today in the courtroom, the well-remembered words make you laugh. ‘Calculated risk, noun: A chance of failure, the probability of which is estimated before an action is undertaken.’ A chance of failure. Fat chance. You’ve never failed, not even once. In fact, you never calculated the risk at all. Well, not in the Oxford English Dictionary sense. The odds of failure had only made the game more exciting. Continue reading

Metamorphosis by Irina Maks

Prompt: Calculated Risk | Word count: 1800 | Genre: Teen fiction

I am hanging from this tree for so long I almost can’t remember. I still think I have a good shot, I am just waiting for the butterfly feeling to start in me. I am almost ready, it is almost there, it’s just a matter of time. Time… Fuck, who am I kidding? I just beg for someone to eat me already, it’s been too damn long and I am getting tired of myself. I don’t have perception of my body anymore. I took the risk and fuck, I lost badly, so now it’s just a matter of time, isn’t it?

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A Walk in the Sun by David Macfie

Prompt: Calculated Risk | Word count: 1800 | Genre: Thriller

The mother came to the entrance of her home and looked out at the day. Although it was still early, the sun was shining, birds were singing and bees were lazily buzzing from flower to delectable flower. The meadow was at its best, today. The greens were greener, the flower colors were almost artificially glowing and the air smelt sweet. The mother made a decision. On such a day she must bring her children out to play in the aromatic grass. She popped back inside and, shortly afterwards she led out her five small children. They looked apprehensively at the wide open spaces before them. Continue reading

The Magician’s Apprentice by Moira le Roux

Prompt: Calculated risk | Word count 1800 words | Genre: Fantasy

Tamkin the goatherd lived in a small cottage with his parents and many brothers. He spent his days in the fields tending the goats.

Sitting against the Oak tree and running his hand through the grass he thought of the peace of his life. But there was a huge problem. Silkie. She was the most beautiful girl in Dulgoon, and, her parents had hopes of her marrying the prince, the heir apparent to the throne, Heydon-the-Brave. Continue reading

New Iteration by J.S. Veter

Prompt: Calculated risk | Word Count: 1800 words | Genre: Science Fiction

Contains strong language

It was a relief to know that she’d not felt any pain.

That had been something that always bothered him, something he’d never confessed to.

He’d worried that his mother had been in pain when she’d slipped her skin and slid down the drain. Continue reading