The Club by Ashleigh Seton-Rogers

Prompt: The Club | Word count: 750 words | Genre:  Comedy

Astrid strolled slowly into the school.  It was dark out and the place was deserted.  She wasn’t sure what to expect.  And if it hadn’t been for the light up ahead, coming from one of the classrooms, she would have fled.

A Facebook message had started all this.  It had said something to the effect that she would ‘benefit greatly from this gathering’.  She had tried to look up the person “Glynis” who had sent the message, but their profile had been set to private and except for a pic of a cat as the profile pic, there hadn’t been much go on.  Nearing the door, she heard chatter and the scraping of chairs.

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I want to go home by Ashleigh Seton-Rogers

Prompt: Going Home | Word count: 500  | Genre: Black Comedy

Emily opened her eyes.  Everything was too bright. Blinking hard, her eyes settled on a fully laid out table in front of her.

Where was she? Her mind drew a blank.

“At last she wakes,” quipped a voice behind her.

Emily tried to crane her head in the direction of the voice, but it was no use.

“I’ve prepared you a sumptuous meal which I’m sure you’re going to love, chef.”

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White Lie by Ashleigh Seton-Rogers

The prompt: White Lie Word count: 2500 Genre: Adult Comedy

Lucy threw the core of her apple into the waste bin and after rubbing her hands on her tracksuit pants, and began to type again:

<JuicyLucy> Nothing much. Just watching some series on Netflix. U?

The cursor blinked expectantly on the screen and Lucy reached across her laptop for her cup of coffee. It had gone cold and she winced as she swallowed the dregs. Glancing at the clock on her monitor she noticed it was a quarter to five in the afternoon. She still hadn’t gotten around to finishing the housework. In fact she was still in her pajamas, with last night’s dinner plate lying there on the table, next to the shopping list of items she’d been supposed to get that day.

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Conversation with my spouse by Ashleigh Seton-Rogers

The prompt: Conversation with my spouse Word count: 1200 Genre: Comedy

Doreen sat apprehensively in the waiting room. It was minimalistic, bright and smelt new. A mute flat screen TV was playing in the corner. Advertisements and promotions on loop. Scott Granger’s latest courses and books that were on sale. Pamphlets neatly fanned out on the glass table featured workshops and mentorship programmes offered by Granger Limited. It was all so palpable now. She would be meeting the man himself. The man she’d been an ardent supporter and fan of since before his rise in popularity.

She’d never been one for motivational speakers or life coaches. She’d always considered herself to be pretty well put together. But when she’d started having problems with Dennis (her long-suffering husband of 30 years), she’d reached out and he’d come to her rescue. Looking down at the pamphlets she smiled at the one referring to his next annual symposium. That was the cream of the crop in terms of watching Granger come to life. His presence on stage was electrifying and the words he uttered were as if he’d read your mind. He really understood matrimonial issues.

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A New Life by Ashleigh Seton-Rogers

The prompt: A new life Word count: 1000 Genre: Thriller

Bella stood watching the soap suds glisten and shimmer in the sink. Brightly rainbow coloured as they caught the light. With a heavy sigh she placed the dirty dishes soiled with remnants of the meat loaf they’d eaten, into the warm soapy water.

Mechanically she washed off the grime and placed them into the drying rack. One-by-one. Her hips swaying slightly to the music coming over her headphones connected to her smart phone. Housework was not something she did voluntarily or with a smile on her face, but desperate times had called for desperate measures so they said.

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The list by Ashleigh Seton-Rogers

 The prompt: The list Word count: 1500 Genre: Comedy

Felicity’s heart battered against her chest with excitement as her dark hooded eyes scanned the folders on the flash disk. A flash disk she’d gone to great pains to acquire.

Amazing what a raucous girl’s night out with a frumpy, friendless, school admin assistant can achieve.

‘C’mon c’mon where are you?” she hissed through clenched teeth. Her beautifully manicured hands rolling the scroll wheel on her mouse.

“Mmm, ‘Private’ looks like a good place to start,” she thought and double clicked on the folder.

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