We Can’t Be Married, We’re Friends! by Lionel Mullally

Prompt: celebration   | Word Count: 2501    | Genre:  Romance, Heartbreak

We Can’t Be Married, We’re Friends !

Henry and Claire were almost nine years of age and were best friends. They were not boyfriend and girlfriend as that would have been ridiculous, but instead were real friends. Claire and Henry went everywhere together and did everything together. They travelled to school together, walked home together and at the weekend, Claire would spend much of the day at Henry’s house watching him help his father around the farm. Continue reading

White Lie by Michelle Crowder-Soellner

Prompt: White Lie | Word Count: 2500 | Genre: Mystery

The meeting had gone well. We were no closer to finding Amanda, but people felt empowered. And now they trusted me and would come to me with any more information. Win – win.

After the meeting ended, I made my way to the Rec room to mess around at the pool table while I thought about this Amanda business. This trip had turned into something more exciting than I had hoped. Who was hiding something? Well, surely we were all hiding SOMETHING…but someone or someones was hiding something that I sure as hell was going to figure out. I put the pool stick down. I decided to take a stroll around the inn and see what everyone else was up to. Because of the snow storm, we were all at the inn. Some of the couples had retired back to their rooms but the busybodies and the wannabe heroes of the group had stayed out in the various common areas, in case of any updates.

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The Experiment by Chrisna Ribeiro

Prompt: A white lie  |  Words: 2500  |  Genre: Sci-fi Thriller

“Right this way, Mr and Mrs Johnson”, doctor Morris said, leading them through the metallic corridors of the Bowman Biomedical Research Institute.
“I must admit that I’m curious to see her, after all you’ve promised. It just doesn’t seem possible… Could technology really have advanced so far? It seems too good to be true.”
“I assure you, Mr Johnson, you will get all you were promised and more.”
Mrs. Johnson squeezed her husband’s hand, her eyes shone with the hope she felt.
“Here we are”, the doctor said, holding open a steel door. They entered a sterile room, large and dark. The walls were of the same metal as the corridors. A blue glow was coming from behind a partition. Mrs Johnson held tightly onto her husband’s arm.
“No need to worry. We keep it dark because the project has been sensitive to UV light. We believe it should be able to withstand light now, so that should not be a problem for you. And now, without further ado, here is your new daughter.”

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A White Lie by Arthur Hall

Prompt: A white lie | Word count: 2 389 | Genre: Reality fiction

Elinor and Alex

They had almost arrived at their new home. Well not new – 1950s renovated. Their sons Larry and Michael had organized everything. They couldn’t afford their rambling country house any more and the park, garden and swimming pool were all too much for a couple in their seventies. Anyway the building was looking more dilapidated day by day. Then there was the boiler. It had celebrated its twenty-fifth birthday and was struggling for breath these days; soon its heart would give out.

They had found an enthusiastic buyer at the right price after their sons had suggested downsizing. Most of the money went to pay off the mortgage at the bank anyway. There wouldn’t be much left but they could have the ground floor of this house their sons were renovating and above them Michael could live with his 15 year old daughter. Family will be on hand for emergencies is how they put it.

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You Only Live Once by Sarah Muzaffar

Prompt: A White Lie I Word Count: 2496 I Genre: Spiritual

A strange heaviness seated itself on my chest. Like a mountain was resting on it and I could hardly breathe. I was struggling inwards, calling out to him. He didn’t answer me. Maybe he was not home. I called again out of sheer despair. The weight was pushing the last breath out of me.

I opened my eyes to pitch darkness. Where was I? I tried to remember the last moments of my day. Nothing what so ever came to me. Blank. Scared to death of the shrill darkness that was engulfing me. Where am I? And where is everybody else?

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A Series of Unfortunate White Lies by Joyce Finny

Prompt: A White Lie  |  Genre: Comedy/Satire  |  Word count: 2500 “I am so screwed!” said Aaliyah, plopping down on the sofa. “What happened?” asked Samuel. “My mom wants me to meet my cousin.” “So?” “She lives in London.” “So?”…

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Baxter’s Promise by T. Kisgen

Prompt: A White Lie | Word Count: 2500 | Genre: Drama

Baxter believed her survival was on the line, so he told a white lie. Mom always said real lies hurt people but white lies can soften the truth.

“You will be fine. Help is on the way.”

He shouldn’t have begged his mother to drive. Not tonight. She trusted him and did not know he drank 5 beers with Bruce. He didn’t even have his license, just the permit.

The Missouri storm came on them fast and much earlier than predicted. Even with all their driving practice, Baxter never drove in torrential rain like this. The car flipped when he hit the brakes, so as not to slam into the truck in front of them. The 2012 Honda Civic careened down the embankment and he could only hope that someone saw the accident and called 911.

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Best years of His Life by Jeff Mauser

Prompt: A White Lie | Word count: 2500 words | Genre: Memoir

I knew it was a white lie when my wife said, “we’re just looking.”  She had said something similar when we went looking at cars and when bought our house in the mountains, and a dog is a much bigger commitment than buying a car or a house.

I knew it was a white lie several years later when I told Boomer “it’s not going to hurt.”  And for him it probably didn’t, all he must have felt was a pin prick and then he was in less pain than he had been in for years.  He was smiling as he fell asleep for the last time.  The white lie wasn’t to him, it was to me, to us, for now over 5 years later it still hurts.

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The Pharmacist and The Princess by Eric T. Riley

Prompt: A While Lie | Word count: 2500 | Genre: Psychological Drama | SENSITIVE CONTENT!!

Near the end of his shift at the drugstore, Mark winced as his daughter entered the building in her Sleeping Beauty costume. She carried herself in a regal manner: chin up, shoulders back, a pleasant and slightly condescending smile for the other customers, and a measured gait. When she made her way to the makeup section, she double-checked her tiara in the mirror, adjusted it slightly, and smoothed out her long strawberry blonde hair. Moments later, his thirteen year old son, red-faced with embarrassment, slinked in and rolled his eyes. All would have been fine and well if it was Halloween or if Beth was seven years old.

It was late April, Beth was seventeen, and it was not a cosplay night at the skating rink.

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Last of the Summer Confessions by Beth Stillman Blaha

Prompt:  A White Lie  Word Count: 2500  Genre:  YA/Contemporary

“I had a much more dramatic song in mind for this moment, actually.”  Sonder poked his head between the two front seats, where it had taken residence for the nearly four hours as the van crept upstate into the Adirondack Park. The cascading rain only added to the dejected look of the dilapidated mountain motel before them. “The things we do for looooove,” he crooned instead in Mrs. Davis’ ear as she sat in the driver’s seat, still wearing the drooping yellow rain hat from the fill up stop an hour ago. She reached around and tried to swat him without looking at him.

“Wow, Mom, I am surprised this place could spare two rooms for us for two weeks at peak season,” Christian exclaimed from the passenger seat.  “What, with all of this Adirondack whimsy and all.”

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