Eight Legs by Zita Fogarty

Prompt: A White Lie | Word count: 2500 | Genre: Adult Fiction

Marcus blindfolds me, says ‘I have a surprise for you’. This is not a regular thing he would do. I am excited and intrigued. We have just finished a leisurely breakfast. He’s taking the day off for my birthday.

He gently leads me down the steps from the kitchen at the back of the house, round to the front and down the driveway. I know he is smiling from the timbre in his voice. I smell the sunshine before I feel it – the nutty, damp aroma of sun beating down on dew soaked grass. I hear a New Holland Honey Eater darting across our heads. Its chirruping wakes me on the dot of six every morning. A very persistent sound for such a small bird.

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The Book of Hope by Kimberley Cooper

Prompt: A White Lie Word count: 2500 Genre: Fantasy

Aric knew the Book existed. Just knew it. Locked away in the highest tower of the capital city, no one living had ever seen it. But legend said if you read the Book, you’d see not only your role in history, but all of history itself.

And the legend went further. If you ever got chance to write in the Book, you could change history. Change what had already been, as well as what was still to come.

Aric didn’t believe that part. If history changed, how could the Book even exist? Someone would have found a way to change history enough so the Book couldn’t exist anymore. And Aric knew it existed. Couldn’t say how he knew, but with the absolute confidence possessed by eleven- year-olds everywhere, he knew.

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White Lie by Ashleigh Seton-Rogers

The prompt: White Lie Word count: 2500 Genre: Adult Comedy

Lucy threw the core of her apple into the waste bin and after rubbing her hands on her tracksuit pants, and began to type again:

<JuicyLucy> Nothing much. Just watching some series on Netflix. U?

The cursor blinked expectantly on the screen and Lucy reached across her laptop for her cup of coffee. It had gone cold and she winced as she swallowed the dregs. Glancing at the clock on her monitor she noticed it was a quarter to five in the afternoon. She still hadn’t gotten around to finishing the housework. In fact she was still in her pajamas, with last night’s dinner plate lying there on the table, next to the shopping list of items she’d been supposed to get that day.

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Induction to the Dead Stick Squad by Daniel Casey

Prompt: A White Lie | Word count: 2480 | Genre: Sci-Fi/Space Opera/Drama?

Kelton’s head slammed back against the wall, his attacker towering over him.

“One more stupid stunt like that and I won’t be hoping the Tessera end your streak, I’ll do it myself!” The Captain’s words echoed through the silent mess hall. Captain Haynes and Kelton had been feeling each other out ever since Kelton was assigned to Haynes flight squad. If Kelton were honest with himself, he just wasn’t that good a team player. Formation flying, zone defense, and in general, being part of a good safety net was just not his style.

Feeling his head bounce off the wall brought Kelton back to the present, Haynes mere inches from his face, screaming about something. This was bad. He’d drifted into memories in the middle of an actual fist-fight, just like he’d done after he went rogue and broke formation earlier in the day. While he had taken out the hive-link relay ship, shutting down the attack, he’d put the entire flight team in jeopardy to do so.

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A White Lie by Kathy Gates

Prompt: A white lie I Word count: 2500 I Genre: Women’s fiction

A light rat-a-tat on the door. Laura sat up straight. “Yes?”

Michael, her office neighbour, appeared with two cardboard cups. “Hey, grabbed you a cappuccino. No sugar, no chocolate sprinkles, right?”

“Perfect! You’re the answer to an old lady’s prayer.”

“Cheers, grandma. Shared the lift with your last clients, if looks could kill,” he pointed at himself, “Collateral damage.”

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A Wrong Gone Right by Anusuya

Prompt: A White Lie | Word Count: 2500 words | Genre: Slice-of-life

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I jump onto the bike, yelling, “Come on, let’s get away before she reaches the door.” Even as we zoom away, I can hear her calling out to us, reminding us that we aren’t wearing the helmets as mandated by the city’s laws.
I cannot help but wonder at my mother’s tenacity. I mean, doesn’t she tire of pointing out the same thing day in and out to a husband and son who seem to never listen to her warnings of danger lurking around the corner? After all, she is the one who always says philosophically, “Everything happens as per God’s will.” Well, if God had to will a head injury or a traffic fine on me or Dad, I’m pretty sure no helmet would stand in the way of His wish! But somehow, I cannot get myself to say this outright to Mom when I see that anxious look on her face. But then, it’s quite irritating to have her always whining about how I’m courting death by driving without a helmet. Which is why I try to escape before she realizes I’m gone.

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The Witch’s Daughter by Rachel Dye

Prompt:  A white lie | Word Count:  2500 (exactly) | Genre:  Historical Fiction

The spring sun failed to warm Agatha as she watched her mother slowly ascend the stairs of the scaffold. Her mother’s long brown hair was streaked with more gray then she remembered, and had been cut just below her ears. Was the hangman concerned her long braid would interfere with the day’s justice or had the town magistrate wished to humiliate the proud woman? Likely both, Agatha thought.

 Her mother appeared unfazed by her starring role in this tragedy. She looked almost peaceful, as though she was at home, instead of facing the wooden instrument of judgment. The urge to look away warred with Agatha’s desire to see her mother. If she dared remove her gaze, she might miss any small acknowledgment before her mother was ripped from this world.

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A White Lie by Zane Baisley

Prompt:  A White Lie | Word count: 2500 words | Genre: Fantasy

Grunt sat by the fire, he knew he didn’t fit in, but he didn’t know why. His mind wondered while he stared into the flickering orange and red flames. From the day he entered this world, hardship followed him. His name, given to him by the clan mother who assisted in bringing him to this life, the perfect example. The night he arrived, unseasonably cold, a huge fire needed to be kindled to keep the small birthing cave warm enough to ensure both his mother and him did not succumb to the freezing weather during the birth. The labour, so long and hard, the clan braves sent forth five times, by the shrivelled little shaman to replenish the wood stock for the fire. They dare not refuse, her wrath when lives were at stake, was immeasurable. All through the pain of her long labour, his mother grunted. The strange thing, her name was Cries All The Time, yet not a single tear did she shed. When the baby finally came, he too, uttered only a single grunt. There were no tears or wailing, as would be expected. The wizened woman held up the small boy, allowing the ancestors to welcome him, touched her forehead to his and whispered his name, Grunt.

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Mage’s gamble by Vic Ribeiro

Prompt: A White Lie | Word count: 2500 words | Genre: Fantasy.

The brisk breeze whipped through the salt and pepper beard of the old man. His eyebrows furrowed under his olive drab coloured cloak. The corner of his mouth twitched. He leaned forward on his staff, waited and then stamped the ground.
“Well?” he thundered.
There was momentary silence, the band of about 500 Gildorians were busy in their camp a little ways off, the family heads awaited their leaders’ instruction. The young scout was squatting on his haunches and breathed heavily, he looked up sweat trickling down his face, concern etched in his features.
“The Koldanite host are close, Master Gadillon, and will probably overtake us before tomorrow evening”, he stammered.
The stamping stopped abruptly. The remaining colour drained from the weathered face. What escaped his lips were either an oath, a curse, or both. He swirled around, his cloak spread about him like an angry swarm. He rushed to the waiting family heads and started ordering them to move at double pace. They had to break camp, leave anything that would hamper their flight.

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Not Istanbul by Annalie Kleinloog

Prompt: A White Lie | Word count: 2500 | Genre: Sultry(?)

“Your turn, Ali.”

Dan’s light touch brings me back to reality with a jolt. I gasp. Good wine turns bad. I cough and splutter. Grateful for the excuse to fetch a glass of water and to gather myself and to remember what my turn is about?

“You OK?” he peeps around the kitchen door. Gorgeous, loving and besotted, Dan.

“Fine.” I smile and wave him back betwixt hoarse breaths.

I can hear the cheerful nattering continue outside. Our group of friends’ typical Sunday pastime – lunch on the open verandah, chilled wine especially with this balmy afternoon breeze, and a topic of interest that sometimes pushes boundaries.

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