A Reason to Celebrate by Rachel Carter

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2,500 words | Genre: Stream of Consciousness

I’m old enough now that I shouldn’t hang my head over drooped shoulders when I go to buy a pregnancy test. Friends are starting families intentionally. We have baby showers with actual gifts, not just an item that an early twenty-something broke from college can afford. I’m the godmother and honorary aunt to a handful of toddlers and one preteen. Though it seems like an honest mistake to put me in charge of the spiritual upbringing of anything. Dogs are already spiritually centered. They don’t need my help in that area of life.
A house. A steady boyfriend. A job that entails more than flipping burgers or ringing items through at checkout, and pays more too. Health insurance. I eat a balanced diet and try to exercise regularly. My boyfriend and I would be prepared, should it come to it. We already successfully raised a pair of dogs. There’s no reason at all for shame. And yet… Continue reading

Turn Ten by Tybalt

Prompt: A celebration | Word Count: 2506 words | Genre: Bildungsroman

Warning: Explicit language.

My cousin would always try to make me cry. My memory of the first time she succeeded in pushing me to tears is hazy, but I must’ve been fervently agreeing with whatever was being said, which might have been something like, food tech is such a bum subject or I snuck into American Pie twice and I’m not allowed to repeat how dirty the jokes are, and I would be sitting there like a little bobblehead with my cloud of trampoline-staticky hair, lisping yes yes yes until Natalie decided to turn the group sitting on the trampoline rungs against me, as I was a five year-old shit who didn’t know anything. My mum had told her mum that I was still wetting myself after starting primary school, and that was probably good ammo for her. If I think about it now, I probably stopped being cute when I turned five and it was easy for the other kids to find me revolting. Continue reading

Suz’s Closet by Miriam Calleja

Prompt: The Celebration | Word Count2500 words exactly | Genre: LGBTIQ

“I’m leaving you because you should be with a woman”, he said.

My chin dropped. Then it wobbled. This was the worst timing. With the opening of my new store coming up in a couple of months, my needing to find someone to run the store, the insane schedule designing and making clothes for the new collection, and the general madness surrounding the recent new-found popularity of my brand; in other words, I didn’t really have the time to get dumped. Continue reading

Bellford, Part Three by Kia Weathersby

Prompt: A celebration                   Word count: 2500                            Genre: Thriller

WARNING:         This story contains strong language.

This is the third installment in my Bellford series. The first two can be found here:



The Bridge towered impossibly high, a dark gash against the sky. Jet black iron, with spikes across the top of the columns, it spanned a huge expanse of water, blacktop road all the way across. A thin handrail the only barrier to an endless plummet into the icy water below. Continue reading

Earthsong by Peggy Rockey

Prompt: A celebration | Word Count: 2500 Words exactly | Genre: Fantasy

‪Etha felt an overwhelming desire to see the open sky. To breathe the fresh, cool air of the outside world, to be out from under the darkness and the crushing weight of the Riana Caves, and to feast her eyes upon the beauty of the Kakaesian landscape.

Instead, she followed the Riana Leader away from the cave entrance, down a narrow passage toward an unknown destiny that Etha sensed awaited her. Continue reading

Come Together by Kate Henderson – Please correct word count. Min 2450

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 Exactly | Genre: General Fiction/Drama

Warning: Sensitive content, infrequent profanity.

It was a peaceful night. Clear sky, a view straight to the unrestrained heavens. The rusted old bridge, that connected the two halves of the city, creaked and swayed slightly in a chill wind. A sudden gust nipped at her pale cheeks and sent flaming red hair dancing circles around her face. She shuddered one last time. Continue reading

David’s sidepocket by Patricia Holburn

Prompt: A celebration | Word count: 2 500 words | Genre: Drama

Tick. The black pen made a welcome mark. Nine ticks, one open block. One more delivery to go. David put his clipboard in its pocket next to him, put on his seatbelt and started the van. The pocket for the clipboard had been his idea. Safety, he had said to Mr Willian, is very important. Loose objects in moving vehicles are not safe.

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Celebrating Family by Suchita Ramphal

Prompt: A celebration | Word count: 2500 | Genre: Family Drama

Glossary at end

Geeta stood with an empty side plate, a pale yellow napkin clutched in her hand as she surveyed the treats that had been laid out. Three different types of samoosas were piled next to freshly-baked scones slathered in whipped cream and strawberry jam. Plates of sweetmeats  – burfee decorated with gold leaf and slivers of brightly coloured almonds, sticky, red jalebi and round laddoos – were scattered amongst savoury murkoo, bhajias and puri patta. There were at least three cakes, assorted pastries and skewers of fresh fruit. Sunita’s contribution of a vegan tart lay largely untouched. Geeta hesitated over it, and then sensing her daughter’s eyes on her, cut a small sliver and nibbled on the corner. Continue reading

Murphy’s Law by Areej Siddiqui

Prompt: A celebration | Word Count: 2500 words | Genre: Fiction

The signal turned red. I put my foot on the brake and gently slowed the car. I adjusted my seatbelt. I looked at myself in the rear-view mirror. The hair on the back of my head was sticking up again. Why? Now I would have to fix it. I was already running late. But something obviously had to happen. Murphy’s Law came to my mind. If only I could get a free road but no, all the lights were plotting against me. One after the other, they were all turning red. Taunting me. Continue reading