Bellford, Part 12 by Kia Weathersby

Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word count: 1200 | Genre: Thriller

WARNING:         Strong language and some violence. This is part 12 of my ongoing Bellford series.

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Travis bolted upright in bed, startled awake by the ringing of his phone. He scrabbled at the nightstand, trying to find it, knocking it to the floor. Leaning so far he almost fell in a heap on the floor, he finally found it, tucked under the edge of his bed frame. Continue reading

Unwanted Surprises by Kirsten Use’

Prompt: That Will Not Be Necessary | Word Count: 1200 words | Genre: Drama

A chill crept down Mia’s spine as she waited for the printer to push out her reports. She twisted to peer over her left shoulder but found no one in the area. The usual chatter of co-workers on the phone and the clicking of keyboards filled the air, yet something felt off. Her eyes darted back and forth as she returned to her desk. Continue reading

The Bastard In Me! by Tim Cooper

Prompt 12: That Will Not Be Necessary | Word Count: 1200 words | Genre: Drama

Warning: adult language and theme.

“Hey! Twat!” He barked. “That’s my taxi.” There was a real heat in his eyes.

“Yes. Yes, I know.” I stammered, my pitch higher than normal. “I was actually getting out, I was, em, on my way to see you.”

“Yeah? See me? Now piss off.” His words; flaming arrows.

“OK,” my words; timid and insipid. Continue reading

That Will Not Be Necessary by Andrea Wilson

Prompt: That Will Not Be Necessary | Word Count: 1200 words exactly | Genre: Short Story

“Wait!!!” I screamed while banging my fist against the bus door.

Sadly, the driver refused to stop and I was left standing in a large puddle during a downpour. Water seeped into my shoes at the seams. I turned around slowly and trudged back to the covered bus stop to try and prevent further soaking. Not that it really mattered. My hood had flown back as I’d jogged alongside the bus and now my mascara was tracing the lines of my cheeks and my once coifed shoulder-length bob was a ridiculously matted mess. Continue reading

The Hibiscus Tree by Amrita Sarkar


Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word count: 1200 | Genre: Romance

“Have you ever dated, thammi*?” Riya played with her cell phone as she waited for an answer.

I smiled. My granddaughter often asked me questions that she never asked her parents. I was amused.

“I like the concept. But I don’t like that word – Dating. It sounds like something marked in red on a calendar.” I replied. Continue reading

New Horizons by Julie Stock

Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word count: 1200 words | Genre: Fiction

‘Would you like me to accompany you in the car, Mrs. Phillips?’

‘No, thank you, Jacobs, that will not be necessary.’

The butler bowed and left the room. Valerie glanced out through the conservatory windows to her beloved garden beyond. She still couldn’t quite accept that Carlton was gone. She was dreading today, and would have liked some company in the car, but it wouldn’t do to let her butler be her companion for a day like this. She had hoped that at least one of Carlton’s children would have offered to travel with her but despite all her efforts, she was no closer to them now after ten years of trying than she had been on her wedding day. Continue reading

It’s in the beads by Laura Kirsten

Prompt 12: That will not be necessaryWord count: 1200Genre: South African fiction

Shelagh slouched across the corner of the wooden dining room table at Myrtle’s house. She twirled her blonde salon treated hair as her eyes wandered across all the scrapbooking items displayed in front of her. Myrtle flitted from the kitchen to the sideboard, delivering numerous plates laden with delicious home baked goodies. The aromas of vanilla, chocolate, and freshly baked scones overwhelmed the dining area. Continue reading

Packing by Adam Jeffrey

Prompt: That will not be necessary  | Word Count: 1203  | Genre:  Fiction

It is a week until we’re due to fly, and she’s already packed.

Her case is on the floor, below the window, stopping the curtains billowing. Its lid is propped at forty-five degrees.

“We’re only going for a couple of weeks.” Continue reading

The Good News Stranger by Linzé Brandon

Prompt: That will not be necessary  |  Word count: 1196  |  Genre: Historical

The first phase of my new plan will come into being tonight. With the announcement, everyone will know that there is a new way. The sign that was foretold will be the first in the fulfilment of the promise I made to my people in the beginning.” Continue reading

The Gift by Church Goodnight

Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word Count: 1200 words | Genre: Fiction

At an apartment stood a young man in his mid-twenties whose head was shaven clean. He waited at the door for somebody inside to open it for him. And after he had knocked he called aloud if somebody was there. Continue reading