Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Stacey

Prompt: That Will not Be Necessary | Word Count: 1200 exactly | Genre: General Fiction

“Always remember this, Kate.”  Her mom’s voice was very serious.  “No matter what, be kind.  You never know what kind of day or week or life someone is having.  If you remember to always be kind, you’ll never have to wonder if you did the right thing.”

Kate shook her head, trying to un-remember her mom’s words from 25 years ago.  “Excuse me, Sir, but I was next in line.” Continue reading

One Last Time by Martin Haworth

Prompt: That Will Not Be Necessary | Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Thriller

“That will not be necessary.”

I look up, and raise my eyebrows a little, proffering the card once more. This time I wiggle it a bit. He remains stony-faced.

“OK then, thank you,” I retreat.

Continue reading

Dusty Old Thing by Ellen Eigner

Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word Count: 1200  | Genre: Fantasy

It is a dusty old thing, nicked and scratched from keeping time in pockets with keys and spare change. Tick…tick…tick.  There’s always something comforting about the sound of a ticking clock, ticking forward, ticking away little life pieces. This one bears no maker’s name across its face just large black Roman numerals and precise little diamonds on the outer circle. It kept perfect time for a full 24 hours. No need to wind for 24 hours.  An inner circle ticked away the seconds, tick…tick…tick. Continue reading

Coda Egypta by Wanda Hughes

Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word count:  1200| Genre: Drama

Ammon Mahmoud owned a small bookstore in a crowded, twisting alley not far from the center of town. At night the little lane was unlit by street lamps and mostly deserted as the store owners lived in more residential areas. Their shops catered to tourists with fine local goods; handwoven rugs, blown glass vases, figures carved from exotic wood and stone. Continue reading

Christmas Clarity by Angelique Pacheco

Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word count: 1200 exactly | Genre: Christian Fiction

“Please Mom! Can we get more lights for the Christmas tree?” Julia felt Jacob’s rough hand poking her in the side.

“That will not be necessary, Jacob.”

They were walking around the mall. It was December and the shops were full. Employees were dressed as sexy elves trying to entice people into their shops. Continue reading

Pixie by DLJessop

Prompt: That won’t be necessary | Word count: 1200 | Genre:

The hole in the door seemed too big for one foot to have gone through. It was funny, in a way, because Dad had only kicked it once, and all the wood from the bottom panel splintered out, and the gust made some of the baubles fall off the tree. It sounded like a firework going off in the night, when the sky is black and the air feels like a ghost’s breath on your cheek. Continue reading

What Is Needed by K McLain

Prompt: That Will Not Be Necessary | Words: 1200 | Genre: Mystery

Maggie craved another espresso, prayed this one might shear the staccato drumming from temple to sinus.  Shock me back to life, she monotoned. She shoveled the grounds and packed them.  The espresso maker stood at attention.  She’d paid a fortune for it, but you couldn’t get a cup worth a damn in this god-forsaken backwater.  Continue reading

Shall I Make the Call? by Patty Mower Panni

Prompt: That Will Not Be Necessary | Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Crime Fiction

I have a secret. It’s a pretty big one, as secrets go, one that will change the lives of a lot of people when I share it. I’ve come to think of this secret as my little insurance policy, held in reserve for just the right moment…which is tonight. Continue reading

Terminal by AliD

Prompt: That will not be necessary  |  Word count: 1200  |  Genre: Fiction

The rubber door seal whooshed as it slid across the tiled floor, before sucking itself back into its hole. Familiar tile-flapping of the nurse’s clogs passed backwards and forwards, around and around the bed.

Here we go again, Alice thought. Continue reading