The Dark Forest by Joyce Finny

Prompt: A Celebration  |  Genre: Magical realism/metaphor  |  Word count: 2500 words

I wake up with a splitting headache throbbing in time with the aches all over my body. I am trying to get up but my arms are shivering with pain and exhaustion. After a while I give up and slump back down on the forest floor.

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Under The Comet by Prakhar Gahlot

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 Words Exactly | Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi

“Can you believe them?” Shahid muttered as he glanced at the silent TV set. Teenagers singing, celebrating, and being happy in all ways flitted across the screen on news specials. “Celebrating murder!” Continue reading

A false start by Florence Waeni

Prompt: A celebration | Word Count: 2501| Genre: Fiction

The fireworks display was to die for. I watched from the shack in the slum as I sipped on my sweet black tea and munched on a slice of bread. Happy screams rose and fell with each burst of lights. The world out there was so alive… The world out there was so ready… Continue reading

Happy Deathday by Christa L

Prompt: A celebration | Word count: 2500 words exactly | Genre: Speculative Fiction

Sparkler, Holding, Hands, Firework, Sparkles, Fire

Tomorrow is Choosing Day.

The day when one turns eighteen years old and gets to choose whether you want to know when you will die.

It is the only day you get to find out. You will not know how you will die, but you will be given a date. Continue reading

My Destiny by Patty Panni

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2,500 | Genre: Contemporary Fiction [Dark]

From the outside looking in, I can see how you probably wouldn’t view today as a time for celebration. But, if you knew the back story you just might change your mind. I’d like to tell you my story, the whole story. All I ask is that you hear me out and reserve judgment until the end. Then you can decide if ‘celebration’ just might be the perfect word, after all.

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Celebration by Ellen Einger

Prompt: Celebration | Word count: 2500 | Genre: Fantasy

If you walk out of town on the slowly winding road, past Old Man Tucker’s farm and you keep walking to the base of Wild Coon Mountain, you will find a lone picnic table.  It’s a beautiful place. The trees shiver and whisper in the soft breeze. The grass is soft and lush, it makes you want to do cartwheels through it. The birds twitter overhead.  At the base of the mountain is a picnic table, all set for a party: a blue and white checkered tablecloth, crisp yellow linen napkins, a white ceramic pitcher filled with lemonade and several sparkling glasses.  You will find a large wicker picnic basket. Inside, is an entire meal of sumptuous delights. You might be tempted to sit down here and help yourself, but of course you won’t. This is somebody else’s party and you are much too polite to ever do such a thing. How curious it is that no one is here. Continue reading

A Flagellation Celebration by Susan Lovering

Prompt: A Celebration | Word count: 2543 | Genre: Literary Fiction

Grace wandered among ten tops draped in linen, carving figure eights around the white islands, as she searched for her assigned table number. Nineteen, twenty, twenty-one…the table numbers climbed in logical progression. Her ultimate destination, lucky table number twenty-three, appeared to be in the corner, and she was thankful it was far from the venue’s three open bars. “What was I thinking,” she mused, “agreeing to attend an ex’s wedding solo and only six months sober?” It only just occurred to her she might have waited until next week to start her recovery, or just skip this particular event altogether. Attending a wedding at all, let alone newly sober, may have been a bit ambitious for even the most well-adjusted drunk, which she was not, at least not yet. Self-flagellation knows no bounds, it seems. Continue reading

Dark and Dangerous by David Macfie

Prompt: The Celebration | Word count: 2500| Genre: Nature Fiction

Gareth and Cathleen, his wife of six months, had entered the Kruger Park early in the morning and explored extensively, seeing plenty of antelope, zebras, wild pigs and two groups of rhinos. Late in the afternoon, they found a large waterhole and decided to watch it from the top of quite a high sand dune nearby. Before long, game started to arrive to join the crocs and hippos that were already in residence. First seven giraffes, two pairs and their offspring, awkwardly strode to the edge, splayed their front legs and lowered their heads to the water. Next to arrive were two immature buffalo bulls that waded into the shallows and rolled in the mud. Continue reading

Picture a Life by Michelle Richar

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 words | Genre: Fiction

In a bright, large room adorned with fancy chandeliers and red roses, an elderly man was standing, raising a glass full of champagne, and finishing a toast. “My darling Rebecca, our lives and our hearts have been full for the past fifty years. Looking around at this room filled with our beautiful family, I am proud to call all of them my life’s work. And I’m even prouder to call you my partner through all of it. Cheers to my beautiful bride and the family we were lucky enough to create and call ours.”   Continue reading

Littletown Rocks by Jack Spies

Prompt: Celebration | Word count: 2500 words exactly | Genre: Short story |

Warning: Arson, threatened violence, mild cursing, limited whimsy

With ecstatic admiration, Detective David Greenwood watches: out-of-control vehicles and pedestrians barely avoid collision; screaming children, hypnotized by brightly color balls, hurling themselves into the paths of oncoming traffic; toddlers barely able to walk, wild-eyed, frantically searching for their mothers; young women teetering on swaying step-ladders under a canopy of balloons and brightly colored crepe streamers. David begins his count and is thankful for the plate glass separating him from the spectacle assaulting his eyes, and except for an occasional smile, his counting as he pumps 50 pounds of dead weight – with arms apparently living their own autonomous existence – continues with uninterrupted regularity as if nothing special were happening. Continue reading