Free Falling with Marcus

Prompt: A celebration | Word count: 2500 | Genre:

Marcus exits the door with the guitar slung over his shoulder. He stops when he spots Delores sitting beside the pool talking on her cell phone. She gets to her feet with her hand on the knife in her hip pocket, ready to fight. His pause and the guitar hint that he’s not as dangerous as the bastard in Cali. Continue reading

Under The Comet by Prakhar Gahlot

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 Words Exactly | Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi

“Can you believe them?” Shahid muttered as he glanced at the silent TV set. Teenagers singing, celebrating, and being happy in all ways flitted across the screen on news specials. “Celebrating murder!” Continue reading

Reunion by Bob Krotz

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2,500 | Genre: Drama

Robin Murphy was standing in her kitchen, rinsing out a coffee cup, the first time she saw her son’s ghost. Warm morning light illuminated dust motes floating above the sink as she paused to listen to her dog barking out by the pond. She moved quietly to the laundry room and stepped out onto the back porch. She was careful not to let the screen door slam because her husband, Jack, was writing in his office. As she rounded the corner of the house Robin saw the family’s Golden Retriever sitting at attention. The dog stared intently at a small, bare, patch of earth six feet from the edge of the pond. Continue reading

My Destiny by Patty Panni

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2,500 | Genre: Contemporary Fiction [Dark]

From the outside looking in, I can see how you probably wouldn’t view today as a time for celebration. But, if you knew the back story you just might change your mind. I’d like to tell you my story, the whole story. All I ask is that you hear me out and reserve judgment until the end. Then you can decide if ‘celebration’ just might be the perfect word, after all.

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A Celebration by Janie Cramer

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 | Genre: Women’s Fiction

Several people were already seated at the long conference table, they barely looked up as she took a seat opposite from them. A pretentious looking man, in a grey suit, was flipping through a file of papers. Continue reading

Brenda’s Birthday By Doug Liberati

Prompt: A celebration | Word Count: 2,531 | Genre: Lighthearted Supernatural

Warning: Extensive swearing and vulgar language

The morning after Brenda’s party came hard and bright. Even in her basement bedroom. I was the first to wake up. Well, regain consciousness.

I surveyed the damage. It had been a hell of a night. A case of empty beer bottles were scattered around, as well as a Captain Morgan and a Chardonnay bottle. That last was Sarah’s. Given her habits, and the mix of empties, I figured she’d be in the bathroom. The PS4 was idling on the home menu. Continue reading

Seeds Of Triumph written by Roscoe Kleinloog

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 exact| Genre: Comedy drama|

Warning: Explicit Language

This is the worst.

What stupid thing comes with seeds?

Just get out dammit!

Sara stands bent over her bathroom sink looking into a mirror, baring her teeth. Her fingers attempt to pry out the seed stuck between her incisors. She stands up straight and shakes her fists furiously in frustration. A moment’s death stare in the mirror. Continue reading

Celebration by DL Jessop

Prompt: A celebration | Word count: 2,500 words | Genre: Fiction

Cradled in the rich warmth of her own bed, Sarah would not emerge until mid-day if she could help it. Then she would set to curing herself with a full cooked breakfast, increasing the blood sugars to a normal level and filling the hollowness in the pit of her stomach with some saturated fat. Of course everyone knows you should have at least a pint of water before hitting the sack, and should rehydrate between drinks. Pah! She couldn’t be bothered with any of that. What’s a birthday party for if you can’t celebrate? There was plenty of time to get healthy. Continue reading

A Giving Occasion by Mindy Goorchenko

Prompt: Celebration | Word Count: 2500 words | Genre: Women’s Fiction

Sage woke up with a clear sense that Ella was planning to preemptively dump her.

A dream had jarred her awake—in it, Sage and Ella had danced ballet with expert precision, a feat that eluded them in waking life. They had begun ballet class on a whim, two middle-aged women wanting to stay in shape. Continue reading

Her Fairy-tale by Sade’ Williams

Prompt: A Celebration | Word Count: 2500 | Genre: Fiction

“I can’t believe the day is almost here!”

“Well, it is.”

“Jeez Leah, could you pretend to be excited?”

I rolled my eyes as I continued to scroll through my Pinterest feed. I couldn’t understand why everyone was getting so worked up. After all, I was the one who was getting married. I began to think about the first time I met Aiden, my fiancée. Continue reading