12 Short Stories and Writers Write are proud to welcome you to the official 12 Short Stories Competition page.

Prompt: Time

1st deadline: 15 November 2017(optional)

FINAL deadline: 6 December 2017 

Entry fee: $35


Yes, the prizes are awesome. Let’s look at what you can win.

There will be a grand prize winner, five runners-up and a reader’s choice award.

  • The grand prize winner will win the Writers Write Online Course. It is a complete introduction to novel writing. It consists of 60 Modules with 100 writing exercises. You will receive a PDF version of the course and a printable workbook. It covers everything from plotting to pacing to publishing. It is self-paced, internet-based and includes eight, 45 minute,  creative writing consultations via Skype with Mia Botha. The course is valued at US$700. (The Skype Consultations are valid and available for six months after the winner has been announced, but you will have lifelong access to the course material.)
  • The five runners-up will each receive a complete short story appraisal plus a 45 minute writing consultation via skype to the value of $99.
  • The reader’s choice award will receive a complete short story appraisal plus a 45 minute writing consultation via skype to the value of $99.

Deadlines are good for writers. Use the competition deadline to complete another short story.

You post one story and comment on four. That means you will receive feedback from four other writers. This is a great opportunity to learn.

You will have a chance to rewrite. Your story will be up on the site for two weeks, while your fellow writers comment on your writing. You will have a chance to rewrite and resubmit your story.

Have we mentioned the prizes are awesome?

Let’s get writing. Here is what you have to do:

  • Write an awesome short story.
  • Submit it on the first deadline.
  • Give and receive feedback from your fellow writers.
  • Rewrite your story and resubmit on the final deadline.
  • Hold thumbs.

To do that you need to: 

  1. Sign up, create a profile, or use your existing profile if you are a member of 12 Short Stories.
  2. Pay the entry fee. 
  3. Read the prompt for the competition. This is not the same as the 12 Short Stories monthly prompt.
  4. Write an awesome short story. Take note of the word count.
  5. Post your story to your dashboard on the day of the first deadline.
  6. Make sure you choose the correct category. 
  7. Hit publish.
  8. Read and comment on four stories by other writers. Please follow the commenting/evaluating guidelines.
  9. Use the feedback and rewrite your story, if you want to.
  10. Submit the final version of your story on the day of the final deadline.
  11. Winners will be notified via email and announced on the site.
  12. Good luck.

Formatting guidelines:

How to submit your story: 

  • Select the competition dashboard on the top left of your screen. 
  • Hover over posts and select ‘Add new post’
  • Copy/paste your story in to the white block. Use the following formatting guidelines. 
  1. In the title bar write your story title and your name.
  2. Copy paste your story into the white block. Add a heading.
    • Prompt: Time | Word Count: 1200 | Genre: XXXXXX
  3. Choose a category: Competition 2017
  4. Submit your document.

Please read the Terms and Conditions