The Corner of Her Eye by Tricia

Prompt: Coming undone | Word count: 1,200 | Genre: Fiction

Home after a long work day, Elise was sitting down at her desk to complete a complicated spreadsheet for a presentation the following week. She liked to get things done, and felt that, with only a week to go, she was already pushing the deadline beyond limits she was comfortable with.

Just out of reach of her vision, she saw – or rather sensed – a purple streak, like a hummingbird, dressed in a purple hoodie darting across her field of vision. How peculiar!


At the office the next day, she worked through the items on her to do list in her usual efficient manner.  She listened to a podcast  during her morning brisk walk ‘break’ and to a literary classic during her afternoon laps. Her lunch of antioxidant salad was followed by the writing of a weekly email to her mother.

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Sister Friends by Tracy Kisgen

Prompt: Coming Undone | Word Count: 1198 | Genre: Drama

We met during our sophomore year of high school. Both brunette and pretty, we got lots of attention from boys. Football games, dances, classes, our shared social scene, breaking curfew and more – our adventures and a shared sense of humor drew us together. We were best pals.

Maggie and I have been friends since 1985 but when I do the math, 32 feels inconceivable.  We began as teens together, and now we are in our forties, we are both married, have grown children, and may also share a disease: Multiple Sclerosis.

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Coming Undone by David Macfie

Prompt: Coming Undone | Word count: 1200 | Genre: Crime thriller

“I think it’s time we made some money,” declared Pete to his long-time partner in crime.

“I’ll drink to that,” replied Mikey, in a slurred voice.

“We need a plan,” said Pete, stating the obvious because his partner wasn’t capable of rational thought at that moment.

“Sure we do,” opined Mikey, screwing up his eyes so he could focus. “But tomorrow, OK?”

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Coming Undone by Maeve Kousiakis

Prompt: Coming Undone | Wordcount: 1200 | Genre: Drama

“Haggis! Oh my god, do you have to . . . every . . . time. Aarrgg. That is so utterly, despicably horrible.” In her attempt to conserve energy in order not to throw up, Meghan had deserted the toddler’s nappy and focused on the dirty bum first, so the nappy had found itself sneakily ensconced in pug drool on its way to being devoured at a quieter retreat.

Just twenty minutes ago, Meghan was on her back on the couch with little Billy fast asleep on her chest and Haggis the pug, unusually, asleep at her feet. She had heard the Barbet calling from the tree outside the window and the smell of rain wafting through the breezy curtains in a smidgen of short-lived peace.

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Coming Undone by Cinthia Albers

Prompt: Coming Undone | Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Mainstream

*Some disturbing images

Luckily the parking lot was almost deserted. She sat, her car off, her window up, the heat smothering. She held her binoculars tight against her eyes, watching his door. No sense trying to figure out why she was there, what crazy circumstances brought her to the moment of playing private eye, personal spy. She just knew she had to watch him. And his whore too. She puffed on her cigarette, the sharp smoke filling her lungs, unused to abuse, she coughed it out. But it didn’t stop her. She puffed again. First cigarettes in ten years and she was already through seven. She had alcohol too, a nice big bottle of whiskey. Yes, she hated it, but she needed to end the pain. The pain of her broken heart, her splintered self-esteem, her lost life, her lost beliefs in vows and marriage and family and future. She watched, sipping her whiskey, smoking her cigarettes and trying to remain clandestine.

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Greed and lies by Connie

Prompt: Coming undone |  Word count:1170 | Genre: Melodrama

  •  “Awkward” she took a deep breath talking to herself. “‘Melodrama, how can he be so mean” frustrated and still amazed changed faces. “He left just like that”. So angry and frizzled. It was Thursday mid morning the day of Rose’s laundry making. She picked clothes one by one holding them so closely, threw them in the washing machine. She started to wash the laundry.
  • She dragged her feet bit by bit. Still wondering about the order of the day, that have amazed her. Her face was in despair, things have just happened to shock her. She went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of Earl grey tea. Rose put on a kettle. When she was down a cup of Earl grey tea would do wonders to her emotional being. She pulled a chair to sit down. She started to imagined on how to make in higher ranks of achievers. Life had never been the same since she had done unforgivable mistake. She had to work hard to regain the respect. Rose mumbled to herself “here I am” so emotional. She peeped through the window. The sky was blue and the weather so calm like a breeze. The flowers were as beautiful as blossom. She turned her back and returned to finished the chores.
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A Stupid Mistake by Hibah Shabkhez

Prompt: Coming Undone | Words: 1200 | Genre: Based on a true story

Farya’s parents were the coolest in the whole world. Her Papa had a Dumbledore-beard, and her Mama wore a long black robe just like the Hogwarts uniform. Her only regret was the pointy wizard hat. Mama had bought Farya a black one for her last birthday that became pink when she turned it inside out, and Farya wore it to school every day, but Mama went on wearing her old black hood. People craned around to look when she walked down the aisles of the supermarket with Mama and Papa, and she smiled and waved proudly back at them.

Then one day in the supermarket, she waved at a lady who was dragging a little girl with goldilocks-hair after her, and the lady didn’t smile back. She shook her fist at them, the shopping bags dangling like stirrups on a cartoon-horse. “Go back!” She hissed. “Go back where you came from, you terrorist b—–s!”

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Coming Undone by Amber Cole

Prompt: Coming Undone | Word count: 1200 | Genre: Fiction (Sci-fi-ish)

A ferocious growl interrupted the typical Sunday afternoon at the supermarket. Not hungry for breakfast, her stomach was now regretful. She sighed and imagined the junk that would end up in the cart. Perhaps a quick look at one of those checkout magazines was worth a quick look. She picked up a copy of ‘Old Food Made New’ and caught a glimpse of the newspaper next to it. The front page story piqued her hungry interests.

“June 14, 2037

After careful safety mandates and testing, government officials have again approved the blessing of a favorite snack from old. We are pleased to be the first to report: cheese is back on the market!”

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A Dragon’s promise by Vic Ribeiro

Prompt: Coming Undone | Word count: 1199/1200 | Genre: Dark fantasy
Warning: Violence, don’t read if you are squeamish. The location is linked 

The two laughing children jogged along Winnats Pass. They looked forward to getting home at Castleton. The sun was close to setting and they picked up the pace. Suddenly the earth shuddered and they heard thunder to their right, it came from the side of the hill. The girl stumbled and her brother grabbed her arm to save her from falling. Gaping cracks from the hill streaked towards the two, and they sprinted for all their worth. They narrowly missed the ever expanding rifts.

The earth heaved and convulsed, like someone shaking a heavy blanket. Large reptilian claws broke through the crack in the hill. A dark snout protruded from the growing fissure. In an explosion of dirt and dust the dragon emerged. The the sun shone dimly through the dust. When the breeze swept the initial dust aside, the huge creature was clearly visible, its scales shimmered in the failing sunlight, like dark granite. It reared on its hind legs and spread its wings to shake off the remaining dirt that covered it. The dragon looked about, then an ear splitting roar erupted from its throat. It noticed the village of Castleton to the east, its large amber eyes brightened, it was feeling peckish.

Dancing flames reflected in the giant reptilian eyes. It was content as it looked at the ruin before it, the smell of scorched flesh and burning debris strong in the air. The village of Castleton was no more. Its tongue flicked out, it registered a different smell. Fear.

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But for Duty, Madness Wins – by Daniel O Casey

Prompt : Coming Undone | Word count : 1200 | Genre : Mil-Sci-Fi

Kelton shifted uneasily in the fighter’s cramped cockpit, the targeting reticle firmly on the fleeing Tessera’s ass. He was going to take this one or die trying. Cap’s killer wasn’t going to leave this damned battle.

“Blue Seven, your out of position. Return to formation.”

Kelton sent back a confirmation and hit the throttle.

“Dammit Kelton! Get your ass back into formation, Jackie needs his wingman!”

Only barely able to make sense of what he was hearing through his adrenaline fueled high, Kelton flipped the radio off, knowing full well that he would pay for it later.

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