Crossing the Line by Jen Berthold

Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word Count:1195 | Genre: Adult Drama

The bold yellow line of paint on the ground in front of her marked the boundary. The tarmac continued past the boundary line invitingly, into the shade of a large fig tree with widely spreading branches. On the other side of the tree the tarmac rolled back into the summer sun, right to the edge of the church building. Continue reading

Dreams and Sacrifices by Kaiser Tharma

Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word count: 1200 | Genre: 

“I want to study further!” Divya shouted. The rough skin of her father’s hand made contact with her cheek and she fell back. Her cheek reddened and her father’s fingers were etched on it.

“How are you planning to pay for it?” her father said. “You’re not my only child. I still have to think of your brother,” both of them looked at Raja standing at the door to his room watching them. “He needs education more than you do,” her father continued, “in a couple of years you will be married and you will spend your life in the kitchen, cooking and washing plates. I’m not planning to waste so much money for that.” Her father saying that she was only good to wash plates in the kitchen hurt her. But she was speechless. Continue reading

Falling Apart by Liane Greeff

Prompt: That won’t be necessary | Word count: 1200 | Genre: Travel Memoir

In July 1998 I started thinking of going home. My money was running low and my heart  was caught in a relationship that had no hope and the longer I stayed the more hopeless it would become and the harder it would be to leave. With a combination of sorrow and willpower I bought a ticket from a Costa Rican travel agent which involved flying to London in August where I would meet my mother and then three weeks later, flying back to South Africa. Continue reading

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Stacey

Prompt: That Will not Be Necessary | Word Count: 1200 exactly | Genre: General Fiction

“Always remember this, Kate.”  Her mom’s voice was very serious.  “No matter what, be kind.  You never know what kind of day or week or life someone is having.  If you remember to always be kind, you’ll never have to wonder if you did the right thing.”

Kate shook her head, trying to un-remember her mom’s words from 25 years ago.  “Excuse me, Sir, but I was next in line.” Continue reading

Bellford, Part 12 by Kia Weathersby

Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word count: 1200 | Genre: Thriller

WARNING:         Strong language and some violence. This is part 12 of my ongoing Bellford series.

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Travis bolted upright in bed, startled awake by the ringing of his phone. He scrabbled at the nightstand, trying to find it, knocking it to the floor. Leaning so far he almost fell in a heap on the floor, he finally found it, tucked under the edge of his bed frame. Continue reading

That will not be necessary by Anita Shapiro

Prompt:  That will not be necessary |  Word Count:  1200 words exactly  |  Genre:  Drama

David Attenborough’s voice: every word so perfectly spaced and placed and so necessary.  His voice is the only thing that still anchors me here.  When the credits roll, I call Johanna, and she starts it for me again.

“I’m Margaret.  Take your pills now, Mies Shirley,” she says reprovingly. Continue reading

I Do by Debbie Gravett

Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word count: 1 200 words | Genre: Romance

Continued from Mama Bear Celebrates

As the first notes drifted from the garden speakers, guests stood and turned towards the bottom of the petal paved aisle. A fairy tale vision of white organza and lace with long blonde hair curled and cascading from a delicate red and white floral tiara appeared at the frosted-glass doors of the lodge. She beamed a high wattage smile towards the red rose arbour ahead of her.  Continue reading

One Last Time by Martin Haworth

Prompt: That Will Not Be Necessary | Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Thriller

“That will not be necessary.”

I look up, and raise my eyebrows a little, proffering the card once more. This time I wiggle it a bit. He remains stony-faced.

“OK then, thank you,” I retreat.

Continue reading

Unwanted Surprises by Kirsten Use’

Prompt: That Will Not Be Necessary | Word Count: 1200 words | Genre: Drama

A chill crept down Mia’s spine as she waited for the printer to push out her reports. She twisted to peer over her left shoulder but found no one in the area. The usual chatter of co-workers on the phone and the clicking of keyboards filled the air, yet something felt off. Her eyes darted back and forth as she returned to her desk. Continue reading

That Won’t Be Necessary by ChristineH

Prompt: That will not be necessary | Word Count: 1200 words exactly | Genre: Humour (exploring voice)

Warning: Contains Profanity

‘Mum.  I waaaaaant it… Muum.’

The high-pitched whine from the seat behind drills right into my brain. I clamp my mouth shut and wait. My whole body braces for the next one.

‘Muuuuum!’ Continue reading