Leftovers by Cinthia Albers

Prompt: Leftovers | Word count: 500 words | Genre: Mainstream

It’s hard to be the one always getting the leftovers, always second in line, always the one who gets the hand me downs. To never be first in line, always falling in behind. Never to get the first choices. That was my whole life. Leftovers. Like second day old food, re-wearing someone else’s shirts. Never first for anything. Always waiting, hoping to be first, always stuck being second. Continue reading

What Lies Unused by Michael Kurko

Prompt: Leftovers | Word count: 500 | Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

“That was a naughty thing you did to Wort and Thistle,” Willow said, deftly pulling mint leaves from their stems. “They were scared half to death.” She dropped the leaves in the small bowl in Rose’s paws.

“They deserved it,” the young rabbit said defiantly. Continue reading

The Friday Night Leftovers by Nancy Hart Newcomer

Prompt: Leftovers | Word count: 500 | Genre: General fiction

As the clock moves from 12:30 to 12:45 AM, the crowd at the Bring It On Bar thins out like people fleeing an outbreak of food poisoning. There are two women and two men left. The bartender, Josephine, announces, “Last call.” Continue reading

Leftovers by Elaine Dodge

Prompt: Leftovers | Word Count: 500 | Genre: Horror

Warning: Adult theme

There were one hundred of us. I’ll never forget that bright, clean day we boarded the ship in Dutch Harbour. The seagulls screamed with laughter as our small band of would-be settlers said goodbye to everything we had ever known and headed out to The New World. We should have called it The New Hunger. Continue reading

A Root Canal by Khan

Prompt: Leftovers | Word count: 500 | Genre: Creative Non-Fiction

I had been seeing Dr. P. — my dentist — for years, we knew each other well.

I was at her clinic because my front tooth was throbbing with pain.

Sitting in the car, immobile outside the office, a detonation of anxiety, my limbs limp, frozen, a silence surrounding me, a refusal to turn back, heart beat hastening. Continue reading

Gorged by Tim Cooper

Prompt: Leftovers | Word Count: 500 words exact | Genre: Thriller

The old Africander stood forlornly in the dark, driving rain, exhausted from struggling against her bonds. Her adolescent herdsman had sought shelter from the storm and slept deeply, unaware of his loss. Moses had tightly lashed both her horns to the ancient milkwoods either side of the narrow road, and waited patiently in the shadows. Continue reading

Toxin by Tapan

Prompt: Leftovers | Word count: 500 exact | Genre: Macabre

From the balcony of my seventh floor apartment, I spot a man. He is wearing half-shirt and a trouser. His dress is soiled, though it fits him well. A semblance of footwear drags him along. His hair is combed neat, unusual for a vagabond. He continues in tentative steps towards the glittery red packets laid in a row on the damaged parapet of a garbage dump. Continue reading

Finding Utopia by Sally Brown

Prompt: Leftovers | Word count: 500 words | Genre:  

As Kate drove passed the café, she could see a familiar figure slumped on the pavement.  She felt irritation flame her followed by a begrudging guilt. Grabbing the cardboard box from the boot, she was about to close the door with her hip, when she was aware of him behind her.  Her early caller. One of the Leftovers. Only he had no idea that there were Leftovers or that he was one of them.  He was perceptive, he knew something was wrong, although he would never guess the truth.  If she looked him in the eye for 5 seconds, she could read his mind, tell what he had eaten in the last 24 hours and see his full life history played out in perfect technicolour in her mind’s eye.  If she looked for a second longer, she would see his fate. Continue reading