Restricted Entry by Tapan Mozumdar

Prompt: Forbidden Places | Words: 1795 | Genre: Fiction

Social butterflies, like the pretty authoress, always get it easy. Easy parents, easy education, easy spouse and then? Easy literature, easy publishing, easy readers, and here I am! Staring at the rectangular outlay of a daunting MS Word file. The keyboard warms up for a marathon outpour. I shudder to type beyond the first sentence that flew at me like a cockroach the moment I stepped into the toilet. I peed with as much force as possible and saved time to flush. Words juggled between the left and right sides of my brain and I was afraid of dropping them. Continue reading

Don’t come near me! by Lookman Laneon

Prompt: Forbidden Places  | Word Count: 1845 words | Genre: Family Saga

I step into my boss’s office to present my leave application, hoping that my long face will give him the idea that I’m here for personal reasons. Not the one to show emotions in the office, my usual can-do attitude has long deserted me. Vanessa, my wife of seven years, is eight-months pregnant. The tasks I do to keep her happy are more than expected. My woman is now a nagging machine. Her new hobby is to break me down psychologically. Continue reading

An Invincible Death By SM Prasad

Prompt: Forbidden Places I Word count: 1800 words I Genre: Fantasy

I lie back on the vinyl chaise lounge on the white sand beach with the blinding hot sun above me. The waves are crashing angrily against the rocks of the jetty a little further around the bend. I’ve got a straw hat covering my face but it still feels like its burning through the small holes in it. Continue reading

The Dangers of Freedom by Liane Greeff

Prompt: Forbidden Places | Word Count 1799 | Genre: Memoir

Warning: Potential male violence

If feels like a lifetime ago, but it was just twenty years. I was living in Santa Elena in a cloud forest which was part of the Monteverde Mountains of Costa Rica. It was a magical time of being free in the world. I was living almost alone in the Santa Elena Bosque Nubosa with my only companions, the tour guides and tourists during the day and the night guard in the evenings. A real tropical forest is abundant in life and with the clouds providing moisture the cloud forests have abundant life at every level of the canopy. Continue reading

You Think You Know by Debbie Gravett

Prompt: Forbidden Places | Word count: 1800 | Genre: Drama

Warning: Violence and profanity.

(Continuation. Links to previous installments in comments.)

A shadow fell over him seconds before brown leather loafers stepped between his face and the black mat 20 centimetres below his nose. These shoes were out of place on the gym floor. Tristan lowered his planking body and raised his head to find an unexpected, but familiar face towering over him. Continue reading

The Perfect Couple by Anusuya Kashi

Prompt: Forbidden Places l  Word Count: 1800 words exactly  l Genre: Fiction

The shrill ring of the phone jolted Neha out of her reverie. A calm voice asked, “Is this Mrs. Arora?”

“Yes, I’m Neha Arora. Who’s calling, please?”

“I’m the receptionist from the Sanjeevani Medical Centre. One of your older medical reports is missing from our file, Mrs. Arora. You know how particular we are about our records. So, Dr. Devi wanted to know if you’ve carried it away with you after your consultation with her yesterday.” Continue reading

Ruby is dead by Melanie Wittwer

Prompt: Forbidden Places | Word Count: 1800 exactly | Genre: Crime fiction

Warning: Crude language, implied violence

Ruby is dead. The police knock at the door at 7.32 am. Two minutes after my alarm has gone off. I am a creature of habit. My alarm always goes off at the same time, unless I have to be somewhere. I also always make sure my phone is fully charged and the time is accurate. Continue reading

Glamoratti by Wanda Hughes

Prompt: Forbidden Places | Word count: 1800 | Genre: Fantasy

Warning: adult language and situations

 High upon a rocky hill, hidden beneath the ruins of an ancient ruins of a castle keep lays a labyrinth of caves, the dwelling place of a race of beings mankind had never seen in their true form. For all the ages of man they lived separate, never venturing into the company of man, holding themselves aloof, never wanting, never seeking the company of mankind. Continue reading

The Circus’ Curse by Amber Cole

Prompt: Forbidden Places | Word Count: 1800 | Genre: Fiction / Suspense

I held my breath and watched the body fall from the rafter heights. Ribbons in shimmering trails added elegance to the pink and gold blur that was her. The room gasped, others who wanted to catch her, yet all we could do was watch. Just before she hit the dirt floor, screams erupted into cheering. She was back in the air, the trapeze faithful as always to send her flying again. The dazzling Mirelle. Continue reading

She Used To Be The Other Woman by Kathy Jeffords

Prompt: Forbidden Places | Word count: 1800 | Genre: Suspense

I shouldn’t be at your house.

But I am.

I’m sitting on your front porch, on the swing. I love porch swings. They remind me of summer, of lemonade, of pecan pie. Of playing outside. I never minded getting dirty or sweaty or messy. Continue reading