Koren’s joy by Vic Ribeiro

Prompt: Joy | Word Count: 1500 | Genre: Dark Fantasy

Contains graphic violence and language, not for the squeamish.

Koren Truestrike, First captain of the King’s Secret Service, returned to the capital after his encounter with Scar’s gang. He wanted to report to the King directly. Unfortunately, King Torian Nobleheart was already on his way to the Mines for his customary visit. So Koren had to accompany his Lord and had to try and do a debrief during the visit. He was telling the King selected bits of his investigation into Scar’s activities as they walked deeper into the dimly lit tunnels. As he mentioned Scar’s threat of Lord Demos that was going to rule the land, there was a deep rumble and the earth started shaking. In the bedlam most miners rushed to the exits. It was close to lunchtime and the miners were clearing out, a suitable time for the King to look at the progress and at some new features that were implemented. This meant that they were deeper in than other people.

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Koren’s revenge by Vic Ribeiro

Prompt: Calculated risk | Word Count: 1800 | Genre: Action Fantasy

Contains graphic violence, not for the squeamish.

As dusk approached and the shadows lengthened, two figures were walking briskly on the King’s highway. Their leather shoes kicked up puffs of dust and crunched over the cobbled road.

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Appeal by Vic Ribeiro

Prompt: She never wanted it anywayWord Count: 300 | Genre: Drama

“Well, here’s to another birthday, Love.”

I lifted the bottle in a salute and took another gulp. The alcohol burnt my throat as it looked for a place where it could simmer.

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Cut the strings by Vic Ribeiro

Prompt: Cut the strings | Word Count: 1000 | Genre: Drama

Warning: Might upset sensitive readers.

I stepped out of the car and glanced at the gathering clouds. It was supposed to be a bright sunny day, filled with joy. The vice squeezed down on my heart. I felt numb, yet there was a hole in the fabric of my being. I put my right hand on my chest and detected a faint rhythmic thump. Darkness threatened to erase my vision and my eyes were burning.

Shape up, Dan, I softly ordered myself. You can trip out later, just get through this.

My feet moved to the sidewalk, on auto pilot. I blinked away the tears and looked for the entrance. The sounds of children laughing bombarded my senses. It felt like a physical assault and I wanted to reel away from it, but clenched my jaw and willed myself to put a hand on the gate.

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Brainiac by Vic Ribeiro

Prompt: Mastermind | Word count: 1000 words | Genre: Speculative fiction

“Mar, have you seen my new shoes?”

“Have you looked in your closet where you are supposed to put it?” came the musical voice from the kitchen.

Jonathan paused a second.

“Er, yeah honey, that was the first place I looked.”

He quietly walked to the closet and took a peek to make sure it was not there.

“Can you think of anywhere else it could be?”

“Jo, it’s your shoes… Why should I know where it is? If you put it away like I ask you to, then you won’t ask me these things every time.”

Jonathan could hear the touch of irritation that coloured his wife’s tone. He knew he had to carefully traverse the minefield to head off an argument.

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School of Hard Knocks by Vic Ribeiro

Prompt: The Club | Word count: 752 | Genre: Fiction

My name is Yaako, from the Smoking Mountain Clan. I have survived twelve winters. One day I want to be Clan Chief. Then I will change some of our laws.


Fifteen children were gathered around our new Clan chief. I was excited about this and watched him with glowing adoration. He was the youngest Clan chief in many generations. He had great ambition to make our Clan one of the most prominent in our region.

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A Dragon’s promise by Vic Ribeiro

Prompt: Coming Undone | Word count: 1199/1200 | Genre: Dark fantasy
Warning: Violence, don’t read if you are squeamish. The location is linked 

The two laughing children jogged along Winnats Pass. They looked forward to getting home at Castleton. The sun was close to setting and they picked up the pace. Suddenly the earth shuddered and they heard thunder to their right, it came from the side of the hill. The girl stumbled and her brother grabbed her arm to save her from falling. Gaping cracks from the hill streaked towards the two, and they sprinted for all their worth. They narrowly missed the ever expanding rifts.

The earth heaved and convulsed, like someone shaking a heavy blanket. Large reptilian claws broke through the crack in the hill. A dark snout protruded from the growing fissure. In an explosion of dirt and dust the dragon emerged. The the sun shone dimly through the dust. When the breeze swept the initial dust aside, the huge creature was clearly visible, its scales shimmered in the failing sunlight, like dark granite. It reared on its hind legs and spread its wings to shake off the remaining dirt that covered it. The dragon looked about, then an ear splitting roar erupted from its throat. It noticed the village of Castleton to the east, its large amber eyes brightened, it was feeling peckish.

Dancing flames reflected in the giant reptilian eyes. It was content as it looked at the ruin before it, the smell of scorched flesh and burning debris strong in the air. The village of Castleton was no more. Its tongue flicked out, it registered a different smell. Fear.

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A Canoe for Two by Vic Ribeiro

The oar cut into the calm river. The three-seater canoe sliced through the water. The two Hawthorne brothers sat opposite each other. David scanned the riverbank and treeline while he rowed. A scowl distorted his face. Stephan stared coldly at him.

“I told you we shouldn’t have come,” David said.

Stephan did not reply.

“I wanted to stay home with Ma, to study and read my books, but nooo, you had to drag my ass along for the ‘fun hunt’,” David slammed the flat side of the oar on the water. “Well, what now huh? How did you like the ‘fun hunt?”

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Dead man walking by Vic Ribeiro

Prompt: A new Life.| Word count: 1000 words | Genre: Historical Fiction (Religious).

Another step, pain split upwards like a lightning flash as his foot settled again on the cobbled road. Urbanus bit his lip harder, tasted blood. He suppressed a groan. Another step, another lightning arc of pain. His feet were swollen, blistered and bloodied. His soft scholarly sandals were in tatters. It provided no more protection or support, but he was too tired to take it off.
Urbanus looked down at his grimy feet after another step. His vision swam and he tried to blink away the tears that welled up in his eyes. A drop plopped into the Roman road next to his foot. Images were becoming hazy, and Urbanus had trouble seeing objects in the distance. The chirp and twitter of birds around him seemed far off and indistinct through the constant ringing in his ears.

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Mage’s gamble by Vic Ribeiro

Prompt: A White Lie | Word count: 2500 words | Genre: Fantasy.

The brisk breeze whipped through the salt and pepper beard of the old man. His eyebrows furrowed under his olive drab coloured cloak. The corner of his mouth twitched. He leaned forward on his staff, waited and then stamped the ground.
“Well?” he thundered.
There was momentary silence, the band of about 500 Gildorians were busy in their camp a little ways off, the family heads awaited their leaders’ instruction. The young scout was squatting on his haunches and breathed heavily, he looked up sweat trickling down his face, concern etched in his features.
“The Koldanite host are close, Master Gadillon, and will probably overtake us before tomorrow evening”, he stammered.
The stamping stopped abruptly. The remaining colour drained from the weathered face. What escaped his lips were either an oath, a curse, or both. He swirled around, his cloak spread about him like an angry swarm. He rushed to the waiting family heads and started ordering them to move at double pace. They had to break camp, leave anything that would hamper their flight.

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