About Annalie Kleinloog

Midlands of KZN is my haven. I'm a wanderer and a wonderer. Retired, but busier than ever. A besotted grandmother, lover of nature and anti-politics.

Eikelane by Annalie Kleinloog

Prompt:  That will not be necessary | Word count: 1200 | Genre:  South-African Historical Fiction

Rumours of a pending war detracted from the excitement of wedding preparation. It suited Bessie. The frills and thrills that accompanied this tradition were beyond her reality. Lucas was her gentle force of reason. Continue reading

Boy in the Harbor by Annalie Kleinloog

Prompt:  Leftovers | Word count: 500 | Genre:  South-African Historical Fiction|

The port bustled with traders and transporters and local smouse. The hawkers jostled for prime positions and the ones in the back of the crowd competed with hoarse shouts and foul language.

Continue reading