Glamoratti by Wanda Hughes

Prompt: Forbidden Places | Word count: 1800 | Genre: Fantasy

Warning: adult language and situations

 High upon a rocky hill, hidden beneath the ruins of an ancient ruins of a castle keep lays a labyrinth of caves, the dwelling place of a race of beings mankind had never seen in their true form. For all the ages of man they lived separate, never venturing into the company of man, holding themselves aloof, never wanting, never seeking the company of mankind.

 However, in modern times there arose a problem, a disaster that forced them out of their caves and down to the lower levels to seek human males. For reasons unknown to their wisest of elders there occurred a drop in the rate of male births. At first it wasn’t much noticed but as time passed and the elder males began to die off and there were no younger males to take their places alarm began to spread throughout the population.


 The moonlight streamed through the trees filling the small clearing, as the grotesque figure stepped into it. Clumsily, the figure rose on tiptoe and began to twirl. Fiona felt the power begin to work on her body as she bathed herself in the light of the Blue Moon.  She’d waited so long for the special moon to return. The power flowed into her body until she was filled, replete with the Glam. As she turned she caught sight of her sisters, both spinning, filling with the power, their features refining, their clothing changing from shapeless sacks to beautiful, form-fitting gowns, their hair flowing, curls, thick luxurious locks of brown hair, brunette and golden curls, each one a different color.

Soon the sisters would hunt once again, hunt for the perfect candidate, a Breeder, to be the Father. He must be open, receptive and most important, beautiful of form and face. Fiona felt her womb aching to be filled with the quickening of a child once again. The last time she felt that wonderous quickening it had to come to naught.  The Glamoratti never knew if their eggs would quicken, it happened more often than not that they didn’t.

If only they could give birth to males as well as females, they wouldn’t have to hunt among the humans for seed. The Council of Crones met regularly to investigate the reasons behind the loss of the ability to birth males, if indeed, the Glamoratti ever had that ability. The School of Dames were, even now, searching old writings and pictographs to see if this had happened in the Before Times.

For hundreds of years the Glamoratti, their numbers small and still dwindling had hidden themselves away, in caves deep in the earth only coming to the surface during the full of the Blue Moon to take a Breeder. In years gone by they had kept Breeders captive and used them many times but they found the Breeders tended to sicken and die or worse, to attempt to escape, in the process of which they often killed many of the Glamoratti making the breeding season into a killing season and thus depleting the population ever farther.

Feeling her power to be complete, Fiona beckoned to her sisters. Together the three women, Glamoratti all, went to the car they had ordered, a driver waiting for them. They had scouted out a small village and set their sites on a small inn to hunt their prey. They had been successful in this village before just the year before. Perhaps their luck would hold, and they would find another Breeder available and susceptible to the Glam. The Breeder they took last year had provided a glorious night and they all felt the quickening in their wombs! There would be three new babes in arms to take back to the coven, hope for the next generation.

Alas, the quickening had failed to set, and they’d been disappointed once again. This year all available Glamoratti of age of quickening, had set out upon the hunt and they must all be successful. Across the countryside there were Sisters, spinning in the moonlight, gathering the Glam, changing their forms and going out among the sons of mankind seeking to fill their bellies, hoping against hope that some of the wombs would carry a male child. Praying to the Goddesses below that those quickenings would continue, would go on to fruition. Fiona ached to hold a fat squirming child in her arms once again, it had been too long.

Fiona and her sisters had their driver stop in front of the same inn as the year before. It was a small village, quiet and much behind the times. There were no modern touches, no connections to the outside world. This was all to the good for the Glamoratti. During this last year there had been scouts sent out, nearing larger towns, even a couple of smaller cities and what they’d seen, what they’d brought back in their reports had convinced even the most progressive of Glamoratti that their distance must be maintained at all costs. This village was prefect and moreover, they’d found last years’ Breeder.

Fiona and her sisters moved into the pub and found their man, a young hiker, a stranger to the village. They never took a local man and in return the villagers placed the stranger in a certain place in the pub. It was a subtle and unspoken arrangement that had served both groups well over the decades, keeping the villagers safe and providing Breeders to the Glamoratti.

The Glamoratti moved as one and took the male in hand. Dazed and confused but obviously aroused the young man willingly went with the three beautiful creatures. In the back seat of the car the Glamoratti converged on the trapped and bedazzled male and with a quick efficiency they brought his to full arousal and Fiona took her place atop him, riding him to a complete climax. She quickly whispered the quickening spell that sealed a portion of her womb with it’s precious cargo inside. The car came to a stop in front of the opulent mansion and the quartet made their way inside.

The Glam was already at work and the main hall was filled with platters of fruit and decanters of sweet, heady wines. There were trays loaded with breads and cheeses, oysters and clams and sweet meats on low tables everywhere. The floor was covered with lush silken pillows and thick warm furs in place of furniture. Soft lighting came from wall sconces where candles flickered gently and the scent of melting waxes perfumed the air with jasmine and honeysuckle and sandalwood. There was the sound of flutes drifting in the air. The setting was perfect.

The night passed in ecstasy for the man as the three Glamoratti used every skill afforded them to bring him again and again to a climax, filling their multi-chambered wombs with his seed. They were tireless as they used everything they knew to complete this most important task for their race. It was vital that every womb be quickened, every quickening take and go through to fruition. The Glamoratti would cease to be if this night failed.

Other Glamoratti came in and partook of his seed, indeed he never knew how many he serviced that night. His mind was clouded by the Glam and he was in a thrall like no one had ever experienced before. Even the Glamoratti had never completed a taking as large as this one. Usually one Breeder would be used for, at the most, two or three quickenings. But this night, the night was so important.  For the Glamoratti, if they hadn’t found a place, a village or a lone hiker they came here, to this place and filled themselves.

By morning the Glamoratti were all replete, their wombs filled, their Blue Moon lust sated. The Breeder slept. The Glamoratti slept. The sun rose and still they all slept. As the sun stood at it’s highest point, illuminating everything in the countryside, warming the air, bringing the birds and the insects out in busy activity, heating the stones, and bringing a sparkle to the creeks and rivelets the Glamoratti began to stir.  One by one they yawned and stretched and scratched and rubbed themselves. Running their hands over their extended bellies they could feel the quickening. Babes were growing, perhaps one or two would be males. Hope brought joy and a quiet murmur began as they spoke in hushed tones of the possible future in store.

Still the Breeder slept. Fiona had slept nearby him, always at hand to give him food or drink, to kiss his mouth to stroke his body, to do whatever was needed to keep him aroused and ready for her sisters. As they slept she stayed beside him, making sure he was comfortable as they, at long last allowed him to rest.

As she woke she could feel her belly growing to accommodate the child developing within. She stirred but she could see the Breeder remained deep in a restorative sleep. For reasons she couldn’t explain, she crept near to the Breeder and took his hand in hers. Gathering a silken pillow under her head she lay and watched the rise and fall of his chest as he slept. Fiona could admire his form, he was beautifully made, strong and muscular, curly blond hair, long lashes laying upon his fair cheeks. His lips were full and soft and still a bit swollen from the night’s activities.

Suddenly the thought occurred to her that he was laying there naked and she dragged furs to cover him. He moaned in his slumber, and curled on his side, dragging one arm over her and clasping her closely. She didn’t move for fear of disturbing him. She lay quietly, matching her breathing to his and stroked her belly as if to encourage the growing child within.

One by one the other Glamoratti awoke and left, returning to their caves and still Fiona lay with the Breeder. Soon there was only the two of them left in the mansion. The Glam was fading, the opulence and the beauty dissolved into their true forms, rotting food, worm ridden pelts, maggoty bread, sour vinegar, spoiled lard candles. The only place the Glam still rested was on the two forms reclining on the floor beneath a thick fur, resting on silken pillows. The Glamoratti, Fiona, still remained, a beautiful, desirable woman, laying next to the exhausted Breeder. He had never seen her true form but this gave her no pause. For reasons she couldn’t have put into words she stayed with him, under the spell of the Blue Moon, keeping him safe as he slept. Keeping watch over him and her growing child as the day wore on.

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7 thoughts on “Glamoratti by Wanda Hughes

  1. Shew. Nice one.
    You handled this so well. I loved your made up words, and the slight twist you put on your use of language, the way you made it lilt like it did. It was so beautifully and sensitively written. And it felt so apt to be reading a “new language” to describe a different race.
    The only thing that jarred for me was Fiona’s name. I think she needs something more sylph-like to do the piece honour. It felt too human for what was not human.
    I really enjoyed this. Thank you.
    And well done to the breeder. He performed remarkably well;) I really hope he gave them their males.

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting. I agree with you about the names. I’m working on coming up with something that will fit the character and the world she inhabits. The Breeder? Hmmm, we’ll just have to see if he worked out or not.

  3. Ahhh, the other side of the story! I found it intriguing that the villagers have a relationship and unspoken agreement with the Glammorati. I was a little confused by the statement that they had found last year’s Breeder. I do want to read more of this story; I hope you do write about them again!

  4. Very enjoyable – I like stories that take me away from the norm and expected. I would have preferred some dialogue in between (that’s because I personally love writing and reading dialogue). My only other comment is that perhaps your opening sentence could have been shorter (yes, I prefer shorter sentences too)!

  5. Wanda, this was wonderful! You’ve created an intriguing and mysterious race and given them human motivations that I so enjoyed reading about. I lthought you did an excellent job spinning their powers into being, and found it especially powerful since it happened on a full blue moon! Your descriptions are vivid and the story quite engaging. especially when the glam wore off and their true nature was revealed. I was glad for the Breeders sake that Fiona was able to maintain her glam. I can this story becoming something larger, and i hope to read more about the Fiona and the Glamoratti. Well done!

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