Submission Guidelines

Follow the instructions below or download the PDF: How to post your story on 12 Short Stories

1. Please post your story in your profile. In the title section put the title and your name.(Arrow 1)

Example: The List by Mia Botha









2. In the first lines of the post please include the prompt, genre and word count. (Arrow 2)

Example: Prompt: The List | Word Count: 1200 words | Genre: Family Saga

3. Please add a warning if the content is of an adult nature or might not be suitable to sensitive readers. If the story contains a rape scene, please make sure to mention this specifically. (Arrow 3)

3. Make sure you add tags(Arrow 1) and choose a category (Arrow 2) so that your story ends up on the right list.









4. You are welcome to use an image, but please choose the smallest size. Make sure that you have permission to use the picture and credit the source. 12 Short Stories can not be held responsible if you steal an image.

5. If you would like to add the link to your related stories please do the following:

a. Copy/paste the URL of the previous story.
b. Go to your new story.
c. Click the words you link to link. “Read previous HERE” for example. Click on the ‘here’

d. Now click on the chain icon. It says ‘insert link’ if you hover over it. See pic.
e. Copy/paste the URL into the block that appears.
f.  Press the arrow and your link will be embedded.
g.  To edit, click the icon again.

6. Remember some competitions do not accept stories that have been published in any form. Double check before you post it on 12 Short Stories.

7. The copyright remains with you and you publish here at your own risk.

8. You may publish your story elsewhere after you have published it here.

9. If you wish to use a comment made by a member of this group, be sure to ask for permission from whoever who made the comment. Even if it is about your own story.

10. Please consider the following when you evaluate a short story:

Break your story into three parts:

  1. Beginning: Shows the Intent – How does the story start? What is the central event?
  2. Middle: Growth/Conflict – What is the subtext? What events happened in the past/backstory? Does it influence the central event?
  3. End: Resolution/Surprise – What kind of ending does the story have?

Identify the following five elements in your story:

  1. Plot: Describe the plot in a few lines.
  2. Character: Identify the main characters.
  3. Goal and Conflict: What is the main character’s goal and what is the conflict that hinders that goal?
  4. Theme: Write down the theme. This should be a full sentence. What is the big idea or message? This could be a revelation or an opinion.
  5. Setting: Where and when does, the story take place? Does it influence the story?
Give your opinion:
  1. Author’s style.
  2. Tone of the story.
  3. Use of the senses.
  4. Do you like the story?
  5. Is it coherent?

Please remember to be kind and constructive. Tone is important. Make sure to limit your writing to the writing only. Do not attack an author personally.  For a full explanation of the evaluation guidelines please read this post.…/

11. No Hate speak. You will be banned.

12. This is not a competition (that comes later), but an opportunity to learn and challenge yourself. I want you to have fun with your writing. I want you to take risks and I want you to write stuff you never thought you would. I want you to learn and grow. I want you to write 12 short stories in 12 months. #12/12

13. Try to get your word count to be as exact as possible. It is part of the discipline and will force you to re-evaluate every word. I promise this will make you a better writer. WordPress and other software packages ‘count’ the words differently. Choose a platform and use that as your final count. I am not going to police it, but I will not approve posts that are way over or way under.

14. To make a friend request:

1: Click on ‘Membership Info’ on the homepage.
2: Select ‘Member’s Directory’.
3: Search members.
4: An ‘Add friend’ button should be next to their name.
1: Click on their name where they have commented on your story. This is in the comment block itself.
2: You will go their profile.
3: The ‘Add Friend’ button is just below their picture.

Now, go write your story.