1.Can I start in any month?

Yes, you will be joining the 2017 group. So, if you start in June, that will be month one for you and then May 2018 will be month 12.

2. What are the points all about?

You will earn one point per month per story. The goal is to earn twelve points in twelve months. to qualify for a point your story must be submitted on time, with the correct word count and be relevant to the theme.

3. Does the copyright remain with me?

Yes, it does. Please note you do publish here at your own risk.

4. Does the word count have to be exact?

Yes, as exact as possible. It is part of the discipline and will help you to be a better writer.

5. Can I post any time?

No, please only post on the day of the deadline.

6. I missed the deadline, but I still want to post my story? 

You can still post your story, but you won’t earn point.

7. How do I comment on another writer’s story?

Please read the evaluation guidelines below.

  1. Be specific
    1. ‘I don’t like it’ or ‘Wow, I love this’ is, hard to learn to from. Break the story up into sections and try to give praise, advice and comments about specific sections or topics.
  2. Be positive
    1. This is hard enough without having other writers tell you your writing sucks. Chances are you know it needs work, or you wouldn’t be here.
  3. Be kind
    1. I am not explaining this. If you are not sure about this one, please refrain from commenting.

8. What do the levels mean?

Level one is free. You get deadlines and comments. Level two is $50, you get the free stuff and a full appraisal of any of your twelve stories and free entry into the 2017 short story competition, making you eligible for super cool prizes. Level three is for writers who only want to participate in the competition. The entry fee for the competition is $35.

9. Who can read my story? 

Your story will be read by members of the site. The site and your profile can also be found by Google. The first part of your story(usually the first paragraph) will be visible on the SERP page, but a reader must log in to read the whole story.

10. When is the competition happening?

The competition opens October 2017. There will be two deadlines. The first deadline  is 15 November 2017. It is an optional deadline and gives you the opportunity to workshop your story. The second and final deadline is 6 December 2017. It is non-negotiable. You will receive a new prompt, which will be different to the 12 Short Stories monthly prompt. The prizes are going to be awesome. Click on the competition tab for more details.

11. Who is Mia?

Mia has used her many years of procrastination experience to create 12 Short Stories. She is a writer and a writing teacher, as well as master of desk organisation and tile grout scrubbing. After yet another year of unfinished manuscripts, random scribbles and self-loathing she decided to set this challenge for herself, it turns out she is not the only one who needed to out-source her discipline. Right now, she is trying to write 12 short stories in 12 months.